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P.S. The short lil romance story in this game be hella cute

You're welcome! Also I wouldn't recommend making ones, as some people may abuse it and not try to enjoy the experience and reward of finding them on their own.

First off, this game has to be the cutest I've seen made by you, ever since I've started playing your games. The soundtrack in this game, (like most in your games with a soundtrack) is very captivating and goes very well with the overall tone of each scene, and environment in the game. The characters all seem really realistic much like the characters in your other titles, which is to be expected due to the overall quality of your games thus far. I loved the story of this game, and honestly look forward to more games based in this "universe" or whatever you wanna call it. The artstyle is really cute, as well as the general interactions between characters as well as the expectation is in most of your titles

Also, I understand that I gush about your games, and I don't want you feel like you're supposed to live up to a certain standard( if thta's what my reviews end up making you feel like, but if not I guess I'm just talking out of my ass), and I'd love your games no matter what. I always give fair ratings in my eyes, and your games really do total up to 5-Stars. So please, if you are, don't be stressed over it 

Well, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

This game has no reason not to earn a 5-star from me


Once you open up the game for the first time you are hit with a really nice opening menu with a very cute deign (which I personally love), as well as some nice music to go along with it, which is always appreciated, becasue it doesnt seem that nice or calming music is used all that much in VNs(if it is, it's mostly the same music you hear in every other VN which I believe takes away from some of the experience and makes the game feel more rushed rather than cared for and quality).  The art style is cute, which is always a plus in my book and as with all of Nadia's games, the characters seem like people you could just meet up with on the street or some shit which is always nice, because many VNs that are more down-to-earth like this one lose the audience with their unrealistic and generic characters(also bonus points),

A very nice VN, that is worth 5 stars in my eyes, so keep on doin what you're doin Nadia <3


You're Welcome! I can't wait to see more of your future projects, and I now people will love the sequel!

The game was pretty fun, and somewhat compelling. I felt oddly enticed by the style and most likely by the fact that (to my knowledge) is Nadia's first attempt at a 3-D game. It's not perfect mind you. I encountered several bugs when picking up up the Plantlings, such as the fact that they wouldn't drop, or the quest wouldn't complete.

On the brightside, the music was very pretty as well as the scenery, as well as the wy of finding the Plantlings weren't all that  difficultto spot out either

Overall, This game is very good and if given some more updates, like to fix up the lag.. 4 Stars


A very short and enjoyable experience. I really liked the use of the GameBoy filter(along with the witty humor with the gameboy at the market). Even in this small area and time, Nadia has once again built a small universe where, even if its only on a small scale, you can somewhat connect with the characters as if they were real people, just by their reactions to certain items, or dialouge choices. This game had a very cute air about it which is very much appreciated, especially when it is combined w/the old retro GB style. Could have used some sound though if I had to say one major downpoint.

This was a very cute an enjoyable game, but a running issue with Nadia's games seems to be that the music, and other audio pieces are either absent, or just don't seem to work. The silence sort of killed the mood for me, so I'm goin to regrettably give this a 4 star, unless I learn either why there was no sound included, or if I can find out if my games files just got messed up .   


I personally ejoyed this game a lot and if you've read my other two reviews on Nadia's games from earlier tonight, y'all already know the drill. Nadia has once again done amazing job with the writing and art on this one, much like in "Can You Say My Name Again" the background art is pretty,  and the characters seem very real  which is always a plus. The pacing has improved from CYSMNA which is also a major plus, I was unaware as to if there was a small soundtrack included like in CYSMNA, but if there was it still didn't work again for me, personally. The style of this game is adorable, and unlike most games with heavy sexual themes, you don't focus solely on imagery, but more on description, which is less seen inn most NSFW titles from what I've gathered, so good on ya!

Anyways, another quality VN from Nadia. 5 Stars


**Keep in mind i have only played and rated "Can You Say My Name Again?"**

This game has a very nice soundtrack that fits very well with the theme and mood of each scene which is something that many of these visual novels w/ sound never seem to get right(of course there are exceptions to this as seen here), so all together this already made me fall in love with the game. The ambiant sound is also a very nice added touch, to give a sense of realism to the world you've created. Too many creators fall into the trope of "my characters conversations and actions are the only ones able to be heard", which is a very off-putting feeling for me persnally, so bonus points for the extra mile in immersion. 

The coversations, much like in your game "Can You Say My Name Again?" brings your mind into the character's world and makes them feel more like real people. Even some characters that have no real personality like the Ticket man in the beginning, have a sort of depth to them, because they have a more professional tone to their three sentences of dialouge, and even then that goes a long way to build the immersion of this world that Pandora and the others live in. Once again, you have done an amazing job with your script writing, and even so I must give credit where it is due to your editors and proof-readers for expanding the experience as well.

Opposed to "Can You Say My Name Again?", the setting is really built up well here and the pacing is steady for the most part, so good job to you for the improvement! The backgrounds and character arts are beautifully made, and very well done so congratulations for that as well.  The addition of adding choices to your games is also very nice.

Overall anther 5 star experience, and this is just a demo.. You haven't ceased to amaze me Nadia. Keep doin what you're doing <3


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I really enjoyed this game(and no, not just for the sexual bits) from the botom of my heart. The characters are very relatable, and seem realistic, much like someone I could meet and interact with in real life. It's very rare to see characters that an actually make you feel like ou could physically talk to them, so bonus points for realism and character development. The story was heartwarming and ute, and themes weren.t overbearing like in some games based around characters with certain Anxieties, Depressions, or events that happen in their life due to them coming out for being Gay or Trans or what have you. The writing was rather exceptional, and the background image was very beautifully made ( so kudos to you, or whoever drew that). The soundtrack sadly wouldn't play for me, but I expected nothing short of excellence from it from the quality of the game. One small complaint is that the pacing sometimes seemed a bit off, and maybe more filler or setting description could have been fit in, but that is overshadowed by the high quality.

Overall this game is very deerving of a 5 Star rating, and I would love to see more of your work  in the future


P.S. I plan to play your other games as well!!! Keep up the good work<3

Once again due to the mystical Nami I have found another little gem of Visual Novel makers. I have to say, that I personally loved your story that you made here, and even with the lack of characters it made for a very good suspense story, which you don't get to see in many of these Visual Novels. I liked how many of the choices went together such as 

*slight spoiler warning* 

In the town at the begining of the story you may enter a house in which you will find an unfinished diary, and in a seperate house, you may find the last page. Since you are limited to the amount of homes you can search, you have the chance of not even finding the diary or if you do find it, you might not even finish it.

It's small elements like that, that are woven into the stories that make them infinitely more investing and interesting, as well as somewhat immersive.

Anyways, 5 Stars from me. Keep doin what you're doin <3


So, I found this game after I saw that Nami rated it, and I have to say that I loved every second of it. There were many branching storylines and pathways that I loved to go down and even if they led to the same end goal, due to the character's personalities and mindsets the ends of those branches just kinda fit. I adore the music and sound effects that play every so often, and the style is very unique!!! 

5 stars from me immediately


**Slight Spoiler Alert**

P.S. I can't find the ending between the New King, and King's End 

Np Nami, just expect that the next time one of your visual novels costs something, that you got someone who'll definitely buy em!

keep up what you're doin with the cute shiz <3

Awesome, I really love your art style and all the work you do!

I've downloaded all of the games you've released so far and I wanted to know if you have any more plans to make new Nsfw titles (not trying to sound like a  raunchy sex goblin), and if they will be free or not. 

btw,  loving the Lonely Wolf Treat series

Didn't you make Spooky Soiree?

Found em all