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I loved playing this:)

i really enjoyed it! It's a fun, quick game to play when you have the time. i do have to admit it took me a bit to grasp the controls but other than that it was amazing:D

loved it, loved the boob

is good

what i did was just keep running into them and they open eventually

good :) i enjoyed playing it!

it doesnt let me cut things, i like the idea but the game is quite glitchy 

do i need to have my sound on for this game?

it's not opening once i click launch 

it keeps crashing when i try to rearrange the sentence :/

this game is really good! i like it and the cat is really cute :D

it's fun but with the interviews it just stopped after i answered something

it would be better if you could do more, such as basic games or just replying to emails, or also making more things to report about, good game though :)

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really fun and i like it lots!! would be better if you could turn the music off without muting like my entire laptop


love it!!! the art is nice and the raccoon is really cute :DD

i liked it it was really good :D

how do you turn the souind down