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Thank you for playing and giving feed back!

Althought it is  sad to see a project shelved, its nice to know of a silver lining. I hope this engine you're making begins to really shine one day. In the mean time, I'll be on the lookout for your various small projects.

Thank you for sharing your game!

P.S. I appreciate how open you were with the details! It's alwasy nice to have closure.

I got upgrades to work, but I found what might be a bug. One upgrade touts that ships will start dropping gems at the cost of losing the health packs that spawn. Ships were already droping gems and I never saw any health packs at all. (I did get goo drops from ships and astroids, just not any pods.)

Gaining damage is fun; but I don't know what my ships base damage is so a number like +2 is too vauge in its actual value.

I'm not sure what you're looking for in terms of feedback. (If you would like you're players to look out for certain things I'm sure they would if you announced it.)

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I had fun with it. You're UI works really well; even in full screen I could see all I wanted to from the corner of my eyes. This is something I think more action game UI's should try to achieve.

EDIT: You updated the game right after I played it. Ill update this comment later.

For 0.3:

The game's getting better! I have no idea what button allows for the one time upgrade purchasing, but having a reason to blow up the astroids is nice. Aside from that, being able to shoot more often makes the game a faster paced and thus more exciting experience.

Thank you for trying out my game! My thumbnail was certainly 'art' and that's the cost of last minute submission.  A price I wont have to pay next time! Expect a better game and thumbnail!

Thank you so much for the feedback! Any criticism is welcome, and encouraging to see that people are trying my game out!