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A member registered Oct 20, 2015

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Created a new topic Amazing game!

I really like this game. But there are some things I would LOVE to see added.

  • You can install drive covers, but not drives. Fix this, please.
  • There was a version with a Radeon RX 480. Why was this removed?
  • The hard drives used to be called Seagate Barracudas. Why the name change?

And then there are some minor forgivable nitpicks, like:

  • The dummy CPU is an Intel 2600K. The K series CPUs don't include a stock cooler.
  • There are no SSD's.
  • You get 2 tubes of thermal paste, but one CPU and only a one-socket motherboard.

I would probably go on, but this game is still in it's VERY EARLY development stages, so I can't nitpick too much.

In conclusion: Keep up the AWESOME work, man! If you fixed the things listed above, just know that I would give this game a solid 1000/10. (It's already an 11/10 due to the original concept and great demo/alpha).

I can't download the game on the itch.io client. It downloads and after installing uninstalls itself. I seriously hope you see this.