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My Windows Mixed Reality Controllers don't work at all. They seem to want to emulate the Touch controllers, and I've made my own bindings, but none of them do  anything.  Normally they would emulate the Vive, but that isn't supported either. I'd love to actually play this, but it just doesn't work.

EDIT: Sorry, wanted to delete this, but I guess I can't. Just checked the Trello board, and instead of demanding an answer I'll just wait for a newer version. No worries.

Yes, it is fixed!

The PC version isn't marked as such, which  breaks compatibility with the desktop app. A fix would be greatly appreciated! :)

I really like this game. But there are some things I would LOVE to see added.

  • You can install drive covers, but not drives. Fix this, please.
  • There was a version with a Radeon RX 480. Why was this removed?
  • The hard drives used to be called Seagate Barracudas. Why the name change?

And then there are some minor forgivable nitpicks, like:

  • The dummy CPU is an Intel 2600K. The K series CPUs don't include a stock cooler.
  • There are no SSD's.
  • You get 2 tubes of thermal paste, but one CPU and only a one-socket motherboard.

I would probably go on, but this game is still in it's VERY EARLY development stages, so I can't nitpick too much.

In conclusion: Keep up the AWESOME work, man! If you fixed the things listed above, just know that I would give this game a solid 1000/10. (It's already an 11/10 due to the original concept and great demo/alpha).

I can't download the game on the client. It downloads and after installing uninstalls itself. I seriously hope you see this.