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thank you so much ^^

yeah, i know =/ was having a problem with my pico 8 intallation where i couldnt hear any audio, so, without bein able to hear, i was unnable to make audio too... will do audio for future jams ^^(i got a new pc that doesnt have the audio problem)

oh, i see, it kinda made the game harder haha, so i thought it could be intentional

that would be fun too, i followed ya so i can keep updated with it ^^ good luck

you should, its really fun to work with, thanks for the comment ^^

yeap, no audio for this one unfortunately, i am having problems with my pico-8 setup and i cant hear any audio on it in linux, so since i cant hear audio, i cant really do audio =/ my surface pro 4 will probably arrive tomorrow, hoping pico-8 works more smoothly on it so i can do some audio on it ^^

oh my god, i love this, my absolute favorite game from the jam, if you worked on a multiplayer mode and on a improved AI(this one was easy, got win in my first try) this could be a full game that i would buy on steam or nintendo switch even, actually, i probably would most definitively buy it on nintendo switch to play with friends at get togethers haha

i quite like the presentation here, and the gameplay is quite fun and simple, i only had a problem that when the platforms moved i would sometimes fall out of it cause of physics, dunno if this was intended or not

i had this problem times ten, like, the screen jittered so much that things got out of screen

the art is beautiful, the audio is beautiful, but i couldnt actually play it, some bug was making things go completely off screen and i couldnt see some of the graphics(?) i mean, i assume i couldnt, since there were empty areas and when i press the mouse a sound comes out but no graphics at all... could be a problem with me since i am playing it on chrome in linux, but just a heads up ^^ its really sad i couldnt play it, i quite liked the little i saw

loved the gameplay, the presentation is kinda lacking tho, the characters are really cute <3

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i quite liked the presentation, the graphics and sound design are great, i had a lot of issues with lag(playing in browser), so i dunno if that has something to do with crome or anything like that

UPDATE: playing some more games on the jam i noticed the problem is with me and unity web player, for some reason all unity games lagged as hell or failed to play at all here

thanks <3 i am using it for most of my jam projects cause i have a big project for it and i want to get used to its quirks and perks ^^

i cant say i understood what you are saying, what about bad language? i think the max it was said in the game is "hell" or "wtf"

yeah, i am working on solving some bugs and adding more features, actually, i just posted a new one with a "slower" score so it will overflow less often and an all new title screen and game over screen with persistent high scores ^^

i hope to be able to add sounds and make a better title screen before the jam ends.

i replayed it right now and its much better, it looks like something i would buy on steam even if just out of curiosity XD

there is just one thing, if you hold down on a platform in the second level you keep going up and down from the same platform instead of droping to the one bellow, i think this is a new bug caused by one of the fixes since i dont remember it happening before ^^

and sorry if i am looking too much into it, your game is still one of my favorites from the jam haha, trying to help ^^

man, this is by far my favorite submission up to now, this is just awesome and so much fun, a bit on the hard side imo, but maybe its just cause i always was really bad at pong XD

this is a great little game and i love the concept, but i had quite a lot of problems with lag for some reason while playing in browser

i love the concept of your paddle growing bigger in an spiral every time you hit the pill, it adds a lot to the challenge

this game is really pretty and the gameplay is creative, but the controls are not even near tight enough for it to be a fair game, i feel like when i jump i only get on the upper platform 60% of the time, and almost every time i try to go down one platform i end up going down 2 or more cause the button press is still being registered, this game would benefit a lot from some tighter controls.

all those issues are normal since its a jam game XD but i am leaving this comment here in case you wanna try to improve some things since the jam is still going for 4 more days.

this could be a really fun game and it is a great concept, i would like to see more done with it ^^