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Very interesting mechanics, having to fight against the strings that hold you back. Fun little entry. Best of luck in the jam!

So far this game has sucked away my time more than any other gbjam 5 titles. Oh how I wish there were a save!!!

It's like a fun little Game Boy version of Bushido Blade.

Saved my planet and enjoyed every second of it. Great dash/power-up mechanic. Good stuff!

Excellent entry. Clever gameplay, great asthetics. Would love to see a full version!

Probably one of my favorite art styles in the jam so far. Wished the clouds in the screenshot were in the game floating by to give a sense of forward momentum. Not sure if a bug or ran out of time... Otherwise, a solid fun experience! Would def play an expanded version of this with bigger Ultra's to unlock :D

I got caught. :( A lot. heh. Had fun doing it tho.

Decent little shooter with a cool ship design whose size ups the difficulty a bit. Would have liked to have been able to shoot with a key press, but the auto-shoot works to add difficulty (or at least feels that way to me).

Pumpkin Kid might just become a new holiday goto for me. Would love to see this expanded and grown into a bigger game!

Decent 1st Game Maker effort though the climbing controls are a bit squirrley.

Decent little shooter. Had fun!

Had a lot of fun with what little is there. Enjoyed the concept and hope you decide to expand on it more after the jam!

Color palette really adds to the vibe of the game. Fun arcadey game with that "one more try" addiction factor.

Absolutely loved it. Could easily see myself buying this for my Game Boy back in the day. Great job!

Excellent entry! Very solid. Probably my favorite at the moment, even more than my own!

Excellent choice of colors. Great animations. Fun concept of choosing your daytime activities to influence the dream dungeons (tho admittedly I couldn't tell what the influencers did much, perhaps with more playing). All in all a great little jam entry.

Excellent all around. A shining entry in the GBJAM.

I feel this works like a proof of concept but could be taken much further. Themeing a side scrolling shooter as a car chase could be a lot of fun.

Would love to see this evolved more past the jam. Not enough Zaxxon style games out there! :)

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Just finished and uploaded Rise Up for the #ResistJam last night! It's my 2nd ever game jam entry (1st being for #GBjam 5 last year). If you like quick arcadey style games you should have some fun with this one! If you do, let me know.

Rise Up: https://gpacgames.itch.io/rise-up

Grab your videocamera, break into the compound, rescue the downtrodden and expose the authoritarian oppressors....

Players must navigate the playfield to rescue all the downtrodden while avoiding the oppressors out to stop you.

Here's some footage of Rise Up being played:

Thanks for checking it out!

Well, I am glad you discovered the game! When you do make a video please share it with us so we can check it out.

Thanks for checking it out Stef! Pewpewpew Happy Holidays pewpewpew

I like the idea of giving the game's title, then the entrants interpret that into their creations. For instance if the title were THE DEEP COLD... One dev might create a game exploring space, someone might do a survival game in an arctic setting then another could make a puzzle game where you must organize a deep freeze unit before getting too cold.

REVIEW of Captain Crack

My hats off to Ourson. CC was very addicting and triggered that "must try again one more time" part of my brain over and over again. Loved the loosing your hat as a health mechanic, thought it was very clever even tho, I did die a couple of times trying to pick it up again. The combo system feels rewarding and makes you want to try and better your combo score instead of just getting to the bottom as fast as possible.

All in all, very enjoyable, creative and easy to recommend to others to check out.

My game, INFEST:STATION Endless Swarm :


Big fan of Jupi here too. Always great seeing someone giving so much love to the game jams!

Sorry to hear that, but you will want to contact https://itch.io/support as we have no control of such things. Good luck getting that sorted out!