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I have played the game and finished the main game on version 1.0.5, I also had played Didnapper 1.8.1 5 years ago. Compared to to the first game, Didnapper 2 feels more like an RPG with exploration rather than being mission/level-based though still using the bondage theme and the battle mechanic from its predecessor. A notable difference between this game and its predecessor is that cutscenes are very frequent in Didnapper 2 though RPGs are usually story driven and it's not uncommon for RPGs to have a lot of cutscenes, take the Final Fantasy games for example. Another difference is that Seles/party gets tied up more often than Suki did in Didnapper. The escape system also gets more use in this game which I felt was underused in Didnapper unless you lost battles.

My review

Below is my review and thoughts of the game.

I do like how the game has an entirely original soundtrack with each town and field location having unique tracks compared to Didnapper using some tracks from RPG Maker XP. I also like the voice acting for the major characters although they're not fully voiced.

I also do like the art for the enemies and some CG scenes as well as the bust graphics being animated. The maps are also neat with the FSM tilesets and parallaxing being used although the Desert areas seem to use the default MV tilesets. I like the taller characters which are close to the RPG Maker XP characters than the chibi characters made by MV/MZ's character generator. Much like Didnapper using the battle backgrounds from XP, D2 also uses the backgrounds from MV maybe with some exceptions like the ship interior.

The gameplay is also improved with the player being able to save anywhere and being able to dash. The battle system uses ATB (which RPG Maker MZ would later include) along with the RPG Maker MV mechanics and battle mechanics from Didnapper like tying up female enemies to win and the party members not being able to be knocked out though with changes like the Tied state operating on points that is affected by Struggle and Rescue. The Escape System is also more complex with different restraint types and tie types which is otherwise similar to the Didnapper 1.7/1.8 escape system. Lastly, Seles can ambush male enemies which Suki couldn't do in Didnapper.


As for the difficulty, it can seem harder than Didnapper (especially 1.8) due to the ATB battle system which works similar to Final Fantasy X where not everyone gets an equal turn, characters no longer being healed after battle, enemies being smarter with Subdue (no longer wasting it on a healed character), and Rescue longer removes Tied instantly. However, you get a lot more Gold, get a character who has healing spells later in Chapter 3, can ambush male enemies which you couldn't in Didnapper, and some areas also have beds to restore HP/CP. Also, the player can easily escape guards due to Seles being able to dash.

I believed enemies used to be focused on using Rescue on the Demo 2 (2019) and possibly the old Patreon versions which made tying up their allies ineffective. In the final game, they don't seem to use it often.

I haven't found anything in the story that's too difficult or easy although things starts getting harder as of Chapter 6. The bosses can be challenging especially in the later half of the game, but I haven't found them too difficult or easy (except the end of Chapter 13) which is a contrast to Didnapper which had difficult bosses like Hyranda in Chapter 3 and the pirate ambush in Chapter 6. Even the final boss is improved to be challenging with having damage resistances, a lot of health (2nd part having 7664 HP on hard), and powerful attacks. It's a vast improvement over the final boss in the first game who didn't seem hard when I played it.


One complaint I have is that you can't escape non-boss/scripted battles which gets worse later in the game where enemies have a lot of health especially on Hard which can drag on the battle considering that most enemies don't have elemental weaknesses and your attacks don't do high amount of damage even with 4 characters, not helping that Eileen initially lacks damaging spells to match Seles' damage output. On the other hand, you can choose not to fight them (or ambush them instead) though it won't help in areas like the Miu Miu Forest due to the trees, Stromm Marshes with the hidden bandits, and pretty much any location where you can't easily avoid the enemies without triggering a battle.

I've found debuff skills to be pretty much useless in the later game especially against bosses since the enemies' ATB tends to fill quickly before the player can get a turn. It limits usefulness of skills like Kaie's Darken which lasts for 2 turns, but the enemies will usually get those 2 turns before you can cast it. However, status effects are still effective.

Aside from Eileen's Soothing Mist (10% HP) and Liliana's Ration (with healing item), there's no way to heal all characters. It becomes a problem in the later chapters as the multiple enemies can lower your HP with multiple strikes or have skills that hit the party which makes healing to prevent being tied difficult. It doesn't help that Liliana only gets used in 2 chapters and isn't usable until Chapter 13 (who then gets removed until late Chapter 14). Even then, the Ration can be impractial to set up since she needs 30 TP and and two turns which will likely give enemies enough time to weaken and/or tie up the characters.

Despite the issues mentioned above, it's a very good game that improves on Didnapper's gameplay mechanincs especially with Didnapper 2 being built on RPG Maker MV that's more flexible than what RPG Maker XP can achieve. The macOS and Linux versions are also a nice addition although RPG Maker MV is no longer supported on macOS Big Sur 11.0 and later (not sure about games deployed for Mac).

I can admit it can take a long time to make a game especially if you're making an RPG with length close to Final Fantasy, Pokémon or even The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, even more if you're adding in exploration.

Take my perspective, I have planned several dungeons, field maps, towns, regions, enemies, and bosses so trying to work on them can take a long time especially for a solo developer. I know Lawmage Academy is different from other RPGs due to the day-based system while other games don't use time-based events.

I managed to beat 0.8 with just Syle in the Soulstice House with Enburn as her first spell. It's definitely a challenge to fight with just Syle due to the game's formations being suited with 3-4 party members in mind. Here are my experiences on it:

  • Combat Basics (both visits) are doable though the Fire Spirit can be difficult depending on what spells Syle has.
  • Aura Breaks starts getting difficult as the enemies there can easily defeat Syle. Level grinding to around grade 8 is needed to defeat the Ogres who can be difficult since they have two attacks that stun Syle. I used the Golems to level grind using Enaqua which Syle can learn from Spellcasting: Basics (using the Provision option) or completing Lost Book. If Syle doesn't Alyssa and/or Ein when reaching the bridge, the game will skip the battle.
  • The Fairy Forest is doable since you have Uni who can easily defeat the fairies. The Fairy Clip is helpful even though it only gives 50 MP rather than 100. The Earth weakness is not a downside since no enemies as of 0.8 (probably except the Gnome) use Earth attacks. Breaking the crystal may be helpful due to the two items but I didn't break the crystal in my playthrough.
  • The Headmaster is nothing different in a soloist run. It can be challenging but anything Snofawks is weak against should work. Using Enaqua should be avoided.
  • The third visit to Arashya Forest can be challenging since the Buraflux and Venoflower will initially outspeed Syle and the latter has poison attacks. A good way I level grinded is to use the two Buraflux encounters in the map east of the save point, and using Guard, Enheal, and Strafe. It will take a lot of battles to get Syle to Grade 15.
  • First Mission to defeat the Garuda requires getting Syle to around Grade 15. I couldn't use the Enheal Crystal since the Garuda will otherwise stun and kill Syle. The issue would be the Poison Feather which poisons Syle, and Double Peck and Talon Slash which can do a lot of damage. Saving before the battle and using Health Potions will help.
  • The Buraflux fight in the Exam didn't seem difficult at Grade 17. I just used Strafe and Senburn to defeat them.
  • The Paslime and two Slimes is similar to the Garuda fight. After killing the two Slimes, it's probably easier than the Garuda since the Paslime doesn't have a followup attack and doesn't hit him/her twice. Toxic Sludge can be a problem due to poison but using Health Poisons will help.

The other issue would be the obstacles that require spells or shards. Since Syle can only get two elemental spells (one from Spellcasting: Basics and the other from completing/failing Lost Book), one of them will require a shard. In my playthrough, I started with Enburn and learned Enaqua from completing Lost Book. Enheal can be obtained from the Trader but you can get the Enheal Crystal.

I was on Steam and saw about the Terraria wiki moving to It me think that we and anyone making indie games could use to host a wiki. I believe from Year 1: The First Step from November 2019, it mentioned about a wiki, but the wiki network I mentioned could be great if you don't have your own server and don't want to use Fandom.

I had planned on a wiki once my game gets developed and shared, but I didn't want to use Fandom especially since they forced the FandomDesktop/Mobile skin and retired the Oasis/Hydra skin, a change that many people didn't like. I also found you on Discord and added you as a friend.

My progress has been slow for me especially since I gotten an Xbox Series X and I have been playing Brookhaven recently. Of course, Black Mesa and Didnapper 2 also took several years to be completed. I don't know how progress with LA is like given you're probably the only one working on the game besides Puzxle working on the art. Yes, the battlers would be time consuming since I'm assume you're using Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies for the human enemies which has 54 frames.

However, over the past months, I have been making some progress on my work such as creation of several maps (although most are based on the FSM maps) like Alexandria and the Magic Academy, as well as creation of some of the characters. I could easily share it through Discord to make it easier.

It can be disconcerting to use the term CG for 2D art since CGI typically refers to 3D graphics or live action films/series using CG effects (Harry Potter being an example). Technically, digital art is made entirely through computers including the graphics for RPG Maker. I don't know how image or video scenes would work in Lawmage Academy given that the scenes would have to account for Syle's gender and house, and the party members (e.g., if Alyssa is in the party or not) in which the in-game scenes would work better. I know images are used in some scenes like the opening but otherwise, all the scenes are done in-game which isn't bad.

RPG Maker MV and MZ do allow mobile exports though the game would need a lot of edits to work on mobile especially since phones tend to have smaller screens (a large screen tablet or Chromebook would be no issue) than computers. Another issue is that Lawmage Academy runs at 1280x720 which works perfectly for most Windows laptops and 16:9 monitors (although some computers, such as Macs, use different aspect ratios), but phones often have wider screens like 19:9, Android tablets are typically 16:10, and the iPad is 4:3. RPG Maker MV can work on a device's different resolution but the game will be letterboxed or pillarboxed. It can be more complicated for games that rely on files or plugins that are intended for a specific resolution where they may not work well if the project is edited to use a different resolution.

I believe Apple and Google do require some hoops similar to Steam, although iOS would require a Mac while Android development can work on Mac, Windows, and Android. There is a thread about this, Exporting to Android (MV Android Client). On a similar note, it's possible to upload Android games through which can be ran on any Android device, but the device will need to allow non-Google Play apps. In theory, they could also work on an Android emulator, a Chromebook, or Windows 11 if support arrives.

I assume on a modern Apple or good name brand device (Google, Samsung, and OnePlus), the games could work well but I can't guarantee how it'll perform for older or low-spec devices especially cheap no-name devices from Amazon as their specs tend to be poor for an Android 10 device.

I have finally finished Lawmage Academy and I was surprised I got mostly everything aside from Enaqua from Lost Book and the crystal/armor from Fairy Forest. Here's the playlist of the videos:

I was impressed how mostly every NPC has a name similar to Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Most RPGs generally only games to major characters while the rest have generic names. After playing your game like 3 times, it seems like a coincidence how I have ideas similar to Lawmage Academy like the Lawmages (though my version is more like a magical version of law enforcement or guard), the prison/capture scene, and a large country though mine has several countries whereas LMA only has Magusgaia. In the case of the magic academy, the idea was inspired by Lawmage Academy as well as the Harry Potter books/films.


I remember people reporting an issue where the game picture would freeze although the music and sounds doesn't freeze. I suspect it may be a bug with RPG Maker MV since it can happen with other RPG Maker MV games (I had it happen when playing FSM Castle and Town's sample game).

Also, I discovered an oddity with Windows 11 when recording RPG Maker MV games due to how windows are rendered. When recording on Windows 11, there will be a black space on the bottom left and bottom right of the video when rendered through OBS' Window Capture which is due to having round edges in windows. On Windows 10, corners are sqaure and they're shown. A workaround is run the game in fullscreen (F4 or Fullscreen option) and record at the resolution you're running at. In my case, I set my monitor (which I have connected to my AORUS 15G) to 1280x720 which is the resolution for Lawmage Academy. Another option is to run it fullscreen and use F3 to run it at a normal size and try to position OBS so that the entire game will get captured. You can see the differences in this image although may need to download and zoom to see the differences.

I was wondering if a full solo run is possible since some parts of the game have a character join Syle: the first Aura Breaks class adds Alyssa midway (I assume if you choose to help), Aura Skills has a battle with Jin joining Syle, and the Fairy Forest adds Uni. I assume a soloist run means only using Syle in missions and not adding Alyssa, Ein, etc.

I have joined the Discord server (I'm also GothicSimmer there). As promised, I'll give you instructions for the Quest autoview option. With skillful eventing/scripting, you could make any option which I learned from this video from Driftwood Gaming: How to Add Custom Options Using Yanfly Option Core. Here's how I did it:

First, download Olivia Meta Controls and install it (you don't need to configure the plugin). Next, paste in <Global Meta> on the of the Switches (in my case it's, <Global Meta> Quests), remember the Switch ID you're using.

Next, open Plugins (🧩), go to YEP_OptionsCore, Options Categories, General (or whatever Category you want to use), Options List, and the lowest blank space to create an Option.

For me, I changed the Name to Quest Autoview and Symbol to quest. Description can be anything but this is what I typed:

Automatically open the \c[4]Quest Journal\c when you get a new \c[4]Quest\c.

Leave Show/Hide, Enable, and Ext as is. Under Functions, some parameters will be changed:

Process OK Code

var index = this.index();
var symbol = this.commandSymbol(index);
var value = this.getConfigValue(symbol);
this.changeValue(symbol, !value);
var catalyst = $gameSwitches.value(x);
if (catalyst) {
  $gameSwitches.setValue(x, false);
} else {
  $gameSwitches.setValue(x, true);

Cursor Right Code

var index = this.index();
var symbol = this.commandSymbol(index);
var value = this.getConfigValue(symbol);
this.changeValue(symbol, true);
$gameSwitches.setValue(x, true);

Cursor Left Code

var index = this.index();
var symbol = this.commandSymbol(index);
var value = this.getConfigValue(symbol);
this.changeValue(symbol, false);
$gameSwitches.setValue(x, false);

Change x to whatever Switch is used. In my case, it was 46.

Next, on an Event that give you the quest, make a Conditional Branch with "If Switch is ON" and in that branch, I simply put in a Plugin Command with Quest Journal Open To x.

This isn't required but I made an option to instead show a notification when a Quest is unlocked that I discussed in an earlier comment. You just need two Parallel Comment Events, a Switch (to trigger the Common Events), and a Variable (this will be set to the Quest. For the Branch that has the Plugin Command, change it to an Else Branch containing the following:

Text for Plugin Command for the Quest, a Switch for the Common Event set to ON, and a Variable set to the Quest.

Basically it displays a Notification and allows you to hit Shift (or X) to open the Quest Window. However, the player may open the Quest Menu if they try to run after regaining control but 3 seconds could be enough.

Not related but I also revamped the Options and the descriptions in my project from the defaults provided by the plugin. It seems interesting that Yanfly's Options Core includes descriptions whereas the VisuStella version for MZ does not.

I think I remember the game screen freezing if I leave it idle. I would have to restart the game to get it working. I don't know if it's a Lawmage Academy specific issue or if it happens with other RPG Maker MV games.

Speaking of bugs, I discovered that running Lawmage Academy on a display that operates higher than 60 Hz causes the timer to count at least  twice as fast. You can see it between 0:00-2:30 of the video below where I demonstrate the bug with one of my RPG Maker MV projects (it's actually a different game I'm working on).

I was loading some of my existing saves I use for playtesting and I noticed the time read NaN:NaN:NaN after installing Accurate Playtime (saving the old save and then loading will fix but reset at 0:00) but it works correctly with new saves. Some plugins do seem to have some odd behavior with existing saves (i.e., made before the plugin) for example, TAA_BookMenu may not work with old saves and Felskis autosave may not allow saving at least with Yanfly's Save Core.

Also I was messing around in YEP_Options and thought of making my own custom options using Javascript and Olivia's MetaControls plugin to revamp the quests so a player can toggle between pressing a button/manually viewing the quest (an idea I suggested in a previous comment) or autoviewing the quest like in Lawmage Academy. If you have saw part 5 of my video, you may have saw a Quest Autoview option. Hopefully I may join the LA Discord server since Discord would be more easier to discuss things (like code or achievements) than using's comments.

I actually found a plugin that can fix this It also fixes where running below 60 fps causes it to count slower. It seems to be a MV-only bug as RPG Maker MZ seems to have fixed this at least with the speed-up.

Also on part 3 of my video at 6:36, I mentioned about a minor spoiler where talking to Alyssa after gaining control of Syle would say Alyssa instead of Candidate which seems to be fixed in 0.7 since it shows the latter name. I remember playing 0.6 where it said Alyssa even though Syle hasn't learned what her name is at this point.

I'll be sure to check it out.

I might have been wrong about the times on my comment. I noticed when doing a video that the play timer counted too fast (when I finished Combat Basics with Alyssa, I got around 5 hours but that wouldn't be possible based on the lengths of the videos I made) then I realized it may be due to my display being over 60 Hz since my Aorus 15G laptop has a 240Hz display (my ViewSonic XG240 has a 144 Hz display). RPG Maker MV seems to have a bug where the game runs faster if the monitor is over 60 Hz which commonly affects gaming monitors and some gaming laptops. While Lawmage Academy runs fine since it has the YEP_FpsSynchOption plugin, the play timer will count too fast when over 60 fps (the Event Timer is unaffected although nothing in the game uses the Control Timer command) due to the monitor being over 60 Hz.

This could be fixed by either changing the monitor's refresh rate to 60 Hz or editing the package.json file and adding the line "chromium-args": "--limit-fps=60" to cap the game to 60 fps. I tested it with my game where I edited the file and the play timer works correctly.

I have uploaded 2 videos of Lawmage Academt (0.7.8) on YouTube which can be viewed on my Playlist, Lawmage Academy (0.7). Here I'll play Lawmage Academy and maybe do other videos such as the game I'm working on. Here are the first two videos:

Part 1

Part 2

I would imagine a solo run on an RPG would be difficult though the obvious obstancles would the Garuda who could hard to kill with just Syle (trying to fight it with Alyssa and Ein was impossible for me) and the Paslime who has an attack that deals around 1/3 of Syle's Health. Lastly Syle may have to use Shards to get past obstancles until he/she gets those spells since you won't have Alyssa, Ein, or Jin to take care of them for you. Also I assume the party earns less EXP with 2-4 members (I think previous versions had the same EXP distribution regardless of party members) but you mentioned that Grades (Levels) don't give much stats since most stats are from equipment similar to Terraria.

I would wonder how some scenes would look with just Syle (i.e., without other party members or NPCs) since it would look wierd without Syle speaking/thinking.

When I play 0.8, I'll try to comment on it. As for macOS, I'm not sure how Lawmage Academy will work on Big Sur due to Apple deprecating OpenGL support as mentioned here on RPG Maker Web (Windows and Linux are unaffected and should still work).

I know this may off topic but I was wondering what happened to basstabs' DeviantArt account, basstabsV1-1. I discovered it was deactivated and there doesn't seem to any Journal confirming the deactivation of the DA account. I don't know if basstabs plans on closing up shop or if the account will stay up and the games will remian playable. I also don't know if basstabs will leave DA for good or return under a different DA account.

I had no idea someone would try to steal or pretend to be a Lawmage Academy account. Of course RPG Maker is no stranger to thefts and scams and I've seen this happen before; I remember Yanfly having problems with people stealing code from their plugins a few years back where someone from Hong Kong basically resold their free content which I think led to Yanfly charging for their plugins as of November 2019 and Visustella obfuscating their plugins.

I am not sure how easy can people pretend to be Lawmage Academy on Twitter and other social media sites. Usually real video game/company Twitter accounts have a ☑️ which indicates it's verified and likely made by the company whereas a normal Twitter account lacks the checkmark suggesting an account pretending to a game or company isn't legitimate. Since our accounts aren't verified, I'm sure confusion between official and fake accounts will be common especially with Lawmage Academy getting more known whereas Adventures of Rebecca is kind of unknown and is still a work in progress but I'm sure if AoR gets more known and popular, it could suffer a similar issue.

Generally if my work/character/etc. is similar to another work, most of the time it's a coincidence. For example, my character Felicity could be compared to Super Mario's Rosalina or Frozen's Elsa since they wear a blue dress and have blonde hair.️️

I just saw this news from RPG Maker MV's Steam page, Regarding future macOS support, meaning RPG Maker MV may have problems with later macOS versions due to the deprecation of OpenGL support, removal of 32-bit support since macOS Catalina, and possibly Apple moving from Intel Core to ARM M1. So far Windows and Linux (and possibly iOS and Android) aren't affected and should continue to work but it could affect RPG Maker MV games including Lawmage Academy on macOS especially on M1 Macs and/or Macs upgraded to macOS 11 Big Sur.

I suppose using RPG Maker MZ could be an option to support future macOS versions but it's not simple. While many graphical assets and most DLC for MV work in MZ, plugins for MV may not be compatible with MZ due to code changes. Additionally, some plugins like the ones from Fallen Angel Olivia are not available on MZ and although the VisuStella plugins could be used as a substitute for the Yanfly plugins, the VS plugins lack some of the features from the Yanfly plugins for example, VS Save Core doesn't have options to show Gold, Time, and Variables that Yanfly Save Core can.

Maybe sometime I might do a video playthrough of Lawmage Academy. I had played it twice (0.6 and 0.7) and it wouldn't hurt to play it a third time.

I suppose there's an advantage of adding new battlebacks since Lawmage Academy runs at 1280x720 whereas the battlebacks are 1000x740 resulting in them being slightly stretched. I do notice this with my game (mostly the title and game over) since it runs at 1280x720 and the default graphics are 816x624 resulting in them being stretched. It seems interesting that the FSM tilesets didn't come with matching battlebacks like a dark forest, water cave, or even the dungeon/prison.

Since you would have more than 4 characters (Syle + 3 friends), I wonder if training the party would be an issue where only the active party gains EXP while the reserve members do not resulting in characters (for example, Ein or Alyssa) being weaker than the other characters. I know some games compensate by scaling the party's level or allowing all characters earn EXP which RPG Maker MV has as an option so the unused characters wouldn't be weaker compared to the rest of the party.

When I first played Lawmage Academy, I thought that the gray part of female Syle's outfit was part of the robes but looking in the promo3_full file in the Presskit shows it's actually a skirt and the colored robes (depending on House) is worn on top of the skirt. Also likewise, it may appear that the sleeves on female Syle's outfit are detached similar to the Soulstice Mentor but the main menu and the drawings show they're actually attached. It's understandable that the RPG Maker graphics, especially the default graphics from RPG Maker VX Ace and earlier, usually don't have a lot of detail due to their lower resolution though your character graphics do show some detail such as Alyssa's outfit.

Also I was curious if you could fail classes since Circon mentions that you can fail classes and exams, and the Quest screen shows a "Failed" list. I think Syle can miss classes especially if there aren't enough days to do all the classes but I am not sure how Syle could fail classes since all the classes just cutscenes with some choices with only Charms requiring Syle do anything although it could Lawmage Academy's way to teach players about item crafting which is famously used in Minecraft and Terraria. It could be possible for missions where Syle needs to fight a monster or do a task and losing would send Syle to the infirmary. However, I believed losing the required/story battles will end in a game over instead.

I saw some comments about the game crashing when Syle confronts the first Fairy during the Aura Breaks class and I think I know why what it happens. In RPG Maker MV, the game keeps track of what images are used for the Face, Character, and [SV] Battler for the Actors which can be changed through the Change Actor Images command. When a new game is started, it loads the images as defined in the Actors database (data/Actors.json) to use as a default which it will also default to when Initialize is checked in the Change Party Member command. The purpose of this behavior is so the game keeps the images used for that actor for instances where the character may use a different graphic other than the default such as school/academy or wedding so that loading the game will use that graphic rather than default images.

I guess when you worked on 0.6, Uni was set to use Actor2_6.png (I guess it was a placeholder until Uni's graphic was done) which wouldn't be a problem since the player was only meant to use Syle, Ein, and Alyssa as well as Jin for one battle. However, 0.7 had Uni use a different graphic which Lawmage Academy should use but the problem is that 0.6 had her still use Actor2_6.png as the SV Battler so when you confront the Fairy, the game displays a Loading Error since Lawmage Academy is looking for Actor2_6.png. That's why starting a new game in 0.7 doesn't cause this error since Uni will use her proper graphic.

I tested this behavior by editing Actor 4 (who I named also Alyssa) of my project to use Alyssa.png as the Character, starting a new game and saving, changing Actor 4's Character back to the original, and removing the Alyssa.png file. By loading the save I made earlier, the game generated an error when I added Actor 4 which I could click Retry until the game crashed when I changed maps. If I Initialized Actor 4 (Alyssa) instead (or changed her graphics through the Change Actor Images before adding her), she would use graphic defined in the database thus the error doesn't occur.

(1 edit)

The Felskis autosave plugin seems to be an improvement over Yanfly's Autosave plugin where it provides its own autosave slot similar to RPG Maker MZ although unlike the Yanfly plugin or the VisuStella SaveCore plugin for MZ, it doesn't include an option to toggle the autosave. Additionally, it has options to control when it autosaves and perform an autosave through a Plugin Command which is not possible in MZ without using VisuStella's Save Core (in MZ, it only autosaves between map changes and after battles).

Yes, some older saves may not work with the plugin but it works fine with new games (although 0.6 and possibly older saves don't work in the Fairy Forest due to Lawmage Academy looking for a file that's not there).

I noticed that every time you get a quest in Lawmage Academy, the game opens the menu to the quest you started. It can seem helpful but you have to hit Cancel 3 times to dismiss it and return to the game. I suppose an alternative would be using a notification (which would require a plugin like Yanfly's GabWindow or Arisu's Notification Window) to announce the quest is started similar to games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim although the player would need to manually open the Quest Menu to view the quest and objectives. I have used a similar system but I wanted to allow players to open the Quest Menu when the Notification appears. This is what I did using 2 Common Events:

I remember you mentioning that Syle would be called Syle regardless of name which you fixed. I believe you may have used Syle instead of \n[x] (x being the ID of the Actor) to print out Syle's name.

(2 edits)

I didn't mention it but I noticed the clicking around the main menu (and title screen) seems to be off. For example, to select Alyssa, I have to click on her hair/forehead; clicking her mouth, clothes or the HP/MP bar doesn't work. It affects selecting actors (Skill, Equip, Status), selecting actors through items/skills, and the Skill and Equip menu. The Item menu is correct.

The clickable areas around the menus.

The red area are the actual clickable areas while the ones in blue are what I think would be the intended clickable areas.

On the title screen (not pictured), it seems you need to position the cursor slightly higher for the click to be detected.

That could explain that.

I don't know if you accidently left it in but I was clicking around the Academy Entrance and I saw a prompt about a Developer's Room when I clicked on the bush with the pink flowers. I guess when you released 0.7.5, you might have forgot to disable the Event when the update was released. I tried it on 0.6 and 0.7.2 and no prompt appeared.

I remember the game crashing when I tried to shop at the Cafe but using an updated version fixed that.

Earlier ago I mentioned that targeting enemies with the mouse doesn't work which I assume may be a bug specific to Lawmage Academy. I don't have the Olivia_OctoBattle plugin in my main project but I have tested the plugin in a new RPG Maker MV project and the ability to target enemies with the mouse works. However, I noticed Yanfly's In Battle Status plugin (which isn't used in Lawmage Academy) has some issues where where the description isn't positioned correctly due to the OctoBattle's description window overriding the plugin's but changing the Windows Y Parameter can fix this.

Also I noticed that when you choose Escape in the battle, the characters will run and stop in place instead of disappearing off screen likely due to the way actors are positioned.

I just noticed my concept of a mage (at least from Alexandria) defending the country from monsters and criminals is similar to a Lawmage. I guess Lawmages would arrest criminals but I haven't seen it happen in the game.

I got the FSM materials and I noticed when looking around that some maps in Lawmage Academy are reused from Woods and Cave Tiles although they're edited to suit the game. The FSM tiles are more complicated than the default MV tiles but I made my attempt to make a simple map with the tileset which is the Alexandria Academy (a magic school) which is somewhat similar to the Academy Entrance in Lawmage Academy.

Maybe I might join the Discord server since it'll be more ideal than using Itch. I could discuss Lawmage Academy and share my things since I also use RPG Maker MV which I could learn some examples from Lawmage Academy specifically the character/enemy stats and battles.

I believe I was exploring the game and admittedly I talked with Alyssa and Ein to get their Aura Skills, learned Enheal and Enaqua, and also donated to the Priest to get the Enheal Crystal which extended the time I got to the class. I also didn't skip the dialog using Page Down though since the game uses balloons and animations, the feature from the plugin may not help speed up scenes that use balloons, animations, and character movement.

I was playing Lawmage Academy and I noticed some oddities:

  • In Arashiya Forest (the area where Zelka teleports you to in Combat Basics), Syle can go through the tree on the bottom left of the map.

  • In the same area where you encounter Sylvia during the first visit or the Fire Spirit (second visit), Syle can clip through the tree.

  • After beating the Garuda in First Mission and talking to Lawmage Arendt (Drakewood House), there's a 0] after classes (it should say classes, not classes0]). Haven't tested with other Houses.
  • You can "block" enemies from encountering you if they touch the follower but not Syle. It's actually an issue in all RPG Maker games since VX where players can use followers to block events from triggering (for example, a battle). Yanfly addressed this issue with Event Encounter Aids.
  • I looked in the www folder and saw a folder named Character generator which is the JSON files for the characters you were creating. I suppose it was probably left over when you started working on Lawmage Academy. Since there's no JSON files for characters like Sylvia, I guess she and others not included were either added later in development or you moved on making your own character graphics when those characters were made. I assume the faces in early demos would use the CG faces but the current faces as of 0.6 uses the graphics from Puzxle. Also it appears that Ein was originally named Einsworth.

I have played 0.7 and done most of the game aside from A Lost Ring sidequest since I didn't have enough time to go through Arashiya Forest. At first it seems easy (aside from the battle in the Aura Breaks class which is impossible to win) but the challenge seems to spike after the Fairy Forest. The Garuda on the second visit to Xoclat Hills seems impossible to kill with just Syle, Ein, and Alyssa if you haven't acquired Jin or Lunelle, or even done the classes to unlock better equipment or spells. The Paslime encountered at the end of the demo is probably the toughest mandatory battle especially if you didn't recruit Jin or Lunelle since it can inflict Poison and has an attack that deals around 100 points of damage (at the level you take it on, that's about 1/3 of the party's Health).

I replayed Lawmage Academy and I noticed the introduction seems slow-paced compared to other RPGs although the classes are brief. Most notably Syle's first combat in the Arashiya Forest doesn't happen until around 2 hours in the game, and I think the main story of Lawmage Academy (which you get introduced to the Judges Circle) doesn't begin until the half-way in the Aura Breaks class which (for me) is about 8 hours in (though I actually studied Enheal and talked to Alyssa and Ein to get their Auras). After that and meeting the Headmaster, many of the game's features begin to open up. Since Lawmage Academy uses a magical school setting, the slow pacing is expected especially since the main quest is only on the 20th day but I did get a feeling of how the game works.

By the way, I noticed Ponelius doesn't appear after Combat Basics which Alyssa actually points out if you talk to her after the Aura Breaks class.

I think I recognize some of the graphics/tilesets being from FSM: Town of Beginnings and FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles which I purchased the former from Steam. The FSM graphics look better than the default MV one though it only has forest/grass graphics as well as sand and water. The doors can also fit my 48x72 characters although it won't fit the 96px characters which is why you edited the doors to match the sprites.

I have played the demo of Lawmage Academy and enjoyed it, I haven't encountered any difficulties with the battles except for maybe the Golem and the final battle in Aura Breaks class which is impossible to win (interestingly, you'd still get a Game Over if you lose that battle). I like the game's tileset/graphics which stands out to other RPG Maker MV games using mostly the default assets, and I also like the idea of a magic school.

I was introduced to Sylvia in the Combat Basics class and she reminds me of Merula Snyde from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery due to the way she views the students particularly Syle and Alyssa as weak and unworthy of being a Lawmage. Notable comparisons between Sylvia and Merula is that they have sabotaged their first classes (Combat Basics/Potions) and they want the main character (Syle & Alyssa/the player) to quit/drop out of their respective schools (Lawmage Academy/Hogwarts).

I noticed when I was doing battles is how confusing the characters' commands can be. In Lawmage Academy, the commands are issued by the order of the characters being able to act (similar to Final Fantasy X), not by the order of the party like in most RPG Maker MV games which could lead to you attacking with the "wrong" character if used to the default system. However, anyone who's played a game with a different battle system like MZ's Time Progress system will get used to the system in LA or any game using that plugin. Also for some reason, the mouse can select commands and use items/skills that target allies but it can't be used to select which enemy to attack.

Though people pointed it, I noticed there seems to be a flaw with the autosave where it can overwrite the current slot meaning you'd need to save in two slots. To be fair, RPG Maker MV doesn't have autosave out of the box and I think most autosave plugins including Yanfly's autosave plugin save in the same slot for manual saves. RPG Maker MZ does provide autosave which uses its own slot but it only autosaves on map changes and end of battles, and while MZ does allow enabling/disabling the autosave feature in the database, it doesn't (at least without plugins) provide options to enable/disable within the game similar to the Dash feature which can be disabled on maps but there's no way to disable/enable it through Events.

I also wonder if you plan on releasing Lawmage Academy on Linux because RPG Maker MV allows exporting to Linux as well as Windows and macOS, and both and Steam support Linux.

Thanks. I also based my enemy ideas from the default graphics (like the plants and spiders) but I do have some original enemies like a soldier from an empire, a spider-human hybrid (humans who have spider traits a la Marvel's Spider-Man), and elemental enemies.

I was looking on the RPG Maker Forum and found a Book Menu plugin from taaspider. I don't know if Lawmage Academy could use it but I found it could be used as a codex or help menu though the main menu may need some editing. Also I have tried out the demo specifically version 0.6 from November 2020.

I do agree, it's time consuming to create art assets. Even trying to make character sprites takes time though in my case I actually edit the graphics (creating the parts in the Character Generator and editing/recoloring them in My characters are 72x48 and are based on the default MV graphics. Here are three I've made:

MV characters

Rebecca, Felicity, and Alyssa

Interesting to see even Lawmage Academy include slime monsters. Of course, slimes are one of the default enemy images included in RPG Maker MV so any MV game set in a medieval fantasy setting will probably include them.

The travel system in Lawmage Academy reminds me of a fast travel system I'm using with Yanfly's Common Event menu where you can travel between locations by talking to an NPC although it's more harder these days since the plugin is no longer free. I'm guessing the game will have a time and calendar system similar to some open world RPGs.

The ropes (and the web cocoon I'm using in another project) I acquired from are from a DA user named Morizel who uploaded Cocoons and other bondage for default Mv-sprites which I think is made by polyedit2000 but I actually recolored the ropes as well as edited the ropes and cocoon for taller characters (48x72).

Only the ropes, cocoon, and pillory are acquired by another user. The pillory (not featured here but in my other project) is from Voluspa Tiles (tiles, supporting characters etc.). The OTM gag, duct tape gag, and ball gag are made by myself.

1st row is duct tape and pillory with Alyssa for comparison. 2nd row is magic ropes (white), rope tied, blindfold, OTM gag, and ball gag. 3rd row is the 8 cocooning stages used for an animation (see video on Twitter). The red haired woman is Jennifer and the brown haired woman is Alyssa, both are to be featured in Adventures of Rebecca. Also the magic ropes, cocoon, and pillory aren't in R&E, they're actually intended for AoR.

I didn't mention the traps on the devlog but in the game there would be some traps. Currently it's not implemented but it could be a feature in the next possible update.