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what if i dont have 4?

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thank you for replying, i didnt think to well on that one,  just dont have anyone to play with. Still love the game.

would it be possible to add an CPU?

Wheres raven feild beta 5? i cant download it, it says im up to date but ingame it says i dont have it. please help

give me your ideas

you should make it so we can mix ingots, like a half gold half tin greatsword. or mabye some sorta super anvil that can hold 6 ingots, think of the power. anything with 3-4 differint ingots are called grand, like a grand greatsword. one with 5-6 is a master sword

what are a few things the march 10th update

What are a few things you think might be in the next update

Mabye its itchio, you can download it on their website

is there gonna be more classes in the next update

mabye the computer?

id give this game 800000 out of 10!

is the next update soon? is'nt in febury?

when is the next update?

what is your favrite thing that might be in the final game?

i would love that

im not sure why, but i would love to play a duck. or any small animal.

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i can see alot of charcters. farmers, necromancer, spy, blacksmith/gunsmith, and millions of more.

ps in the final game will the game end or will it never end like minecraft. becuse im imaging it going on forever.

pps please add a scope or mabye the abilty to choose a special abilty for charcters, and the abilty to get rid of or add a skill at the start of the game

about how many classes will there be

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a vending machine would be cool. i could sell all sorts of things, there could be different varriations for, chips, soda, beer, guns, etc.

what about a riot leader class, speaical attack: spawn 3 allied people, the class is random. starting items: 1 pistol, 1 riot sheild, and 3 frag grenades. riot shields block bullets and have 250 defence, if you have it you can also double click and it will do a charge attack with 15 damage. traits: backstabber, team building expert, and sucker. he also gets 2.5X faster for 5 seconds when he kills someone

when is the 3rd part coming

this games so good, even my grandma likes it

xbox one and playstation 4 would be cool to

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nope, i didnt make that game. however i make games through gamemaker and constuct 2, and i still dont know how to make games with both of them

ps its called right click to necromance

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what about creating classes in-game or more charcter creation options, like chosing stats. you would have 6 stat points and start with 1 in each stat, but you can only have 4 total per. charcter example, farmer, starting items: 1 corn 2 carrot and 1 beer, special attack: spawn 1 allied chicken, you can only have 3 at a time, spawn wait 15 second, the chickens have 15 health and 10 damage.

do you like it? p.s love the game and hope every else loves it to :D

what about zombies?

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Did you get my necromancer idea? What you think madguy? P.s im cole

madguy, if i have the free game and it updates to full will i keep the full game for free?

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whats the rarest item in the game?

p.s. a cool thing to add to the game might be crafting

i have an idea. a story/map maker would be cool.

love the game by the way :]

im not the creator of the game but i know that some games glitch out when you record it. i know this becuse im a youtuber and tried to record champions online, so im saying that some games cant be recorded. im gostman101 and i hope they fix your proble