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The closest items I could find were target refactoring (related only in name) and true subtrees. Both are cool, but I think what I suggested is a bit different.

I tried filtering for "function" and "module" and I didn't see anything. Maybe I didn't find the right keyword.

Trello is a little tricky to use on my mobile browser, but I did try to search. Sorry if it's a dupe.

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As the number of bot classes and number of maps has grown, it would be super helpful to build "functions" that can be reused for multiple AIs.

Please consider adding reusable condition functions and action functions.

These can be built using the same tree structure as the AI editor.


IAmWeak (Condition Function)

-Self shield 25%


-Self shield 50% and (self health 25% or self health 50%)

DefaultActions (Action Function)

-Move to closest enemy


-Catch closest resource


-If a nearby ally is carrying a resource, flee from him

  • Let me maintain a library of functions in the game (similar to how I maintain a library of different AIs
  • In the AI editor, when creating a new node, add "Condition Function" and "Action Function" nodes. Each function appears as a single node in the AI editor, showing the function name
  • When a function is created, I can create a Condition Function (using Conditions only) or an Action Function (using Conditions and Actions)
  • The function is defined with its own logic tree, using an editor just like the AI editor
  • When evaluated in a running AI, a Condition Function is green if any leaf node is green; an Action Function is green if any Action node is green
  • Ideally, the function editor should allow other functions to be used, but it should detect and prevent cycles (I.e. recursive functions)
  • When I edit a function, the changes should be applicable to all existing AIs using that function


Here is a better screenshot from the same replay:

Remote goal score

Before this, two of the enemy bots were carrying resources... afterwards, just one.


Remote goal score

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I re-watched the replay twice because I was so mystified about where that 1st point came from. Played it a 3rd time in slow motion just to be sure. All 4 enemy bots were travelling together, with at least two of them colliding. Several of them were carrying resources. The goal flashed and the score ticked up to 1 point when all 4 enemy bots were still near the center of the board. You can see the tail end of the goal flash animation in the screenshot I took.

I am playing on Android, on a Galaxy S5. Game version: Alpha 4.3

I noticed that when watching a replay, if I exit out without watching the whole thing, it still shows up as "new" in the Log. Can you add a separate button in the replay watching screen (maybe on the lower right?) to exit the replay midway through and mark it as watched?


I have trouble creating or linking nodes when my AI editor is zoomed out a little. Can you make some of the icons and their click targets larger?

* The little circle at the bottom of a node for creating new nodes is a bit hard to touch... about half the time I end up moving the node instead of drawing a new line.

* The subtree node is kinda small - it's hard to move a subtree, or drop a line from another node onto an existing subtree

I feel like I have similar issues on both Android and the PC version.