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Gorilla Greaser

A member registered Oct 25, 2017

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"The school board has decided that eating food is okay; drinking, however, is still prohibited. Bullying is also no longer allowed."

This change makes zero sense in my opinion.

  1. First of all, food is used to increase your stamina for running (which may occur in the halls.) For that reason, it makes sense why that would be prohibited in the hallway.
  2. Many schools restrict eating food outside of the cafeteria, however drinks are typically not subjected to this rule.
  3. Since eating food is typically only permitted in the lunchroom, that's the only place where it should be permissible without consequence (Same goes for drinks.)
  4. Food (and drinks) should still be prohibited in the hall to prevent spillage/crumbs which my homie "Gotta Sweep" will have to clean up. (Potential to trigger an event)
  5. The game should continue to be head-banging hard, even with some tweaks. I think removing the speed debuff on stamina is enough, allowing for a refuel seems overpowered imho.

Any who, thanks for making this rad game and I hope you proceed to develop it and continue to improve gameplay.