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Wow, this game may be the best one I have played in the jam. It was really fun, and I have no complaints or critism at all. I got all 11 flowers and had a blast doing so. Great job!

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Fun puzzle platformer, had a good time. Sadly only 7 levels though, but Im guessing that's due to jam time limits. Overall its a great game.

Fun little arcade style game, but clicking the water icon doesn't work, you have to press 1. You can click the axe though, which is weird. I enjoyed the game though.

Love the graphics and the music, but the gameplay seems too difficult, and thats because, in my opinion, the controls require you to be moving when shooting, so you want to get some distance, but the bug is too fast for that. Other than that, the game is fun, and I like the idea of placing other flowers to shoot at the bug.

Really great game, loved the art style!

Thanks for the feedback! We originally had more to do with the collecting,  but we had to cut some stuff due to time.  And the game is endless, at least should be since we didn't put in a wave cap.

Really nice game, short sadly, but simple and fun. Gave off mobile game vibes, and I mean that in a good way, like the kind you get from games like Cut the Rope, that are fun, simple, and addicting!

The game is fun, got a high score around 3500! When I went back to the menu, the game just had a blue screen though. Just realized that we found similar glitches in each others games, thats ironic lol. But yeah had fun playing, good job!

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Thank you for the feedback and spotting that, we must have missed it. We used Godot to make it.

The game is really fun, love how you used the theme of constant growth. Loved the graphics too.

This game is great, has unique gameplay and the graphics and music are amazing as well. Love how you went the other direction and made a game about Winter going against Spring. I had a lot of fun playing!

I like the sound effects, but the lack of music makes it feel strange, like one of the best parts in Tetris is the music, and its weird without it. But the game runs and controls good, and plays like Tetris.

This game is a blast to play! Love the spring loophole too lol