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Quite bizarre and calm game, I like it.


How to make a full screen?

Not Tetris is too small to play.

I'm so overpowered that I'm powerless.

If I turn off Fuck Permit everyone will fuck Null.

I want that girls had sex with each other, but they are doing that backwards.

There is a problem: When a girl visits another one, their dialogues are swapped. Because if the initiator is Null, he goes to another room, but when the initiator is someone else it stays in its room and brings someone else.

So you probably should put a bed in Null's room and make all initiators go to rooms of other characters, when they needed.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much.

This game needs a counter of carrots that left. Cos every level feels like endless.

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Wait, there is no any Jojo reference?

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I hope you somehow thought about a road map.

I mean, did you plan what will  you be updating in the game?

For example: new poses, new things to shove up, eatable carrots and cucumbers, new girl(s) (preferably a thicker one), less messy interface, new shop items, noticable working poke tool.

Or maybe soda that gives more air after you shook it.

Why? Why do I each time read "Debu Complex" as DebuDex?

Mine field must be generating after first click.

The first clicked cell must be not just safe, but always equal 0.

Sound effects on the map are scary.

Welcome to another platform.

Damn, I forgot that if you turn off sound in one tab, the sound turns off in all tabs of the site. Sorry.

WIN10 / Chrome

Do you ever plan to add sounds to the game?

Game is nice. But if you try to play one more time after win, there will be only gray screen.


That's a rare case when I was reading dialogues.



The only two flaws are:

1) Few females.

2) The chest does not grow with the rest of the body.

We need a bigger room.

Is it remaster or a new one?

When I took this picture it was on 72th place, now this game on 175th place.

help, the camera is drowning, how to zoom out?

Someone has seen enough Devilman.

Why not add more tags?

This game already needs a map.

When this game ends?

I expected more from the gallery. But game is fine.

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the only complaints:

  •  during the fight the stomach is bigger than after it;

  • belly button stands still (early, after, I corrected in Paint)

This port has vary uncomfortable controls and movement. 

It's better to download an emulator and play on it.

How to make them chew faster? There must be an auto-feed button.

And so the game is excellent.

Fabulous game, immediately traces of the style of the underdale.

What you can do  for upgrade the game:

- Do heads smaller (more proportionate to body),

- Add skipping of dialogs,

- Make clothes ripping more spectacular,

- Think of more game mechanics, becouse lone one can get bored fast.