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A member registered Jun 20, 2017

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Hi there, great assets! May I ask what is the license/terms and conditions applied to your assets sold here? I have been looking for it but was unable to find out. Thanks!

Thank you! Already purchased! Keep up the great work!

Hi there! This asset pack looks great! May I kindly ask what license/terms is applied to this asset?

Created a new topic License applied?

Hi there, may I please ask what license and/terms is applied to this awesome asset? Thanks!

These are so well made! I just hope to see a top-down version of them, that will be an instant buy from me!

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Hi there, I have just bought this wonderful asset, just wondering what license/terms is being applied to it?  Since I was not able to find any info in the downloaded package. Thanks!

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Hi there, all your assets looks amazing. May I kindly ask what  kind of license and terms are you applying to your assets being sold here on itch.io? Many thanks!

+1 A must have feature!

Thank you for your prompt feedback! Just for your information, I will also use them for commercial projects :) (forgot to mention below). Just let me know if there's any problem.

Kind Regards,


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Hi there, I have recently purchased from your great looking hit and slash animations. May I ask if I can re-use them on multiple projects and make changes to them in-order to fit the style of my game? Or if credit is required? 

I have also downloaded your free explosion animations, not sure if it is OK to share these free animations to others (or treat as under CC0 license)?

Many Thanks!

Hi, I have recently bought this pack. They are very good! Since it is listed under license CC0 v1.0 universal, may I confirm if I can proceed to use these assets, and/or make changes to them for my commercial projects (for unlimited number of projects), with or without credits?