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Good game, recommended. Thanks for your tutorials


uhmm racism.


best jam entry

bitch is bugged always running to the left, coz she is never right xD

good and cute, better than white games.


disgusting lore but the graphics are very appealing

das cool Good game . sometiems the black outline around the environment in the level is sometimes too much and its hard to see. The lance into key thingy, if you spam attack before doing it it bugs out and the spear gets stuck in it. check out shady knight, you can take some elemnts from it which would make your game better

yooo not bad, would be nicer if enemies died faster though. Some more enemy types but all in all ghood stuff

just launch the exe

Ey Man thanks for reviewing the game, hope you have a good day!

nice submission bro hope to see more !

thanx for the review mate hope you have a good day

Nice game bruv

(1 edit)

the older demo version is a bit more fun, the second one was intendec for a mate. Thanks for reviewing this

its on the page respectful brother

Nice game

Current high score is 350

looks great

focking good m8/8

focking good m8/8

aight will change them up, thanks.

thanks mate, can you expand on waht you mean by too stiff. Are the player attacks too slow?

still in development, gonna try make a character-based  game in which you have too defend territories so that u can upgrade your squads kind of like in bad north but it will also have non squad levels ie boss fights