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I did. I left the comment of the rating, which I did on the game. Good luck.

good game. the environment was minimalistic and fun. spooky and overall 3/5

sound desing was perfect. The voice over and blinking creeped the f out of me! This is a decent contender for the win! 4/5

has some issues, but good. 3/5

great! 5/5. The sketchy monster and that AI look was brilliant! Best game on the Jam!

did not like ending, but game is good. 4/5

Not bad game, plays good, but pixelation is too much, hurts eyes a lot. 3/5

Game has bugs - character goes in the roof, running also has bugs, because it is slow, not fast. Mouse has bug, because I can't move flashlight like in the screen. 

You're welcome. Maybe work on 1 project at a time. Quality, not quantity - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Overlay was bad. It looked simple, but adding more and removing the dot from REC could have helped. The game is also dark. The zoom was bad, because when I clicked RMB it jumped the screen. Sound design was okay, but the repetition was bad. Story - good. Scares - good. Not a bad game. 

game was ok. the walking needs fix, looks like you are just sliding.

the buttons are not wasd, it's what games have, no arrow keyes, what is z key? weird

i try play game but buttons wrong here? why? 

Look, this is my opinion and I have full right on that. I don't care who is your friend and who are you. I did not like the game, nor the story was compelling. Deal with it. 

The game had issues...
I tried to drive the car and it didn't go well, the interaction was very out of place and overall, I ended up off the map. I hope the game gets fixed. 

I did enjoy the game, but due to the older version of Unity, it lagged a lot, I got many bugs and had to restart the game file over and over. Overall, not a bad game, but needs to be updated for sure. 

Decent game. The movement and flashlight works perfectly for this type of environment. It did feel tense at times and the ambience probably needs more work. Other than that, the game is great, well-done. 

There was no game file in the download .zip, I looked in every folder and there was nothing, just recourses. Please fix that for the next player. 

So much enjoyable and unique. The camera changes and gameplay is 2D and 3D, fantastic! Loved this! 

I love, love, love how surreal this is! Just mind blowing and awesome! 

"Split Brain Syndrome" is completely different anomaly, it has nothing to do with "perceiving the world in a different way" and especially for the brain. Patients don't have 2 brains, there is 1 brain. Do some research before making the game, trust me. The phenomena has nothing to do with perceiving the world differently. 

Creepy! Cute looking and definitely superb. Well made. 

Compare to other "Backroom Clones" this was looks amazing - has it's own unique style, unique atmosphere, although the premise of backrooms are still generic and the story kind of makes sense. Good game. 

This really caught my attention and I've played it and very much enjoyed the game. I do want to see more and hope the game has a full release. 

Neat looking game! Great Job! 

Very visceral and very dark game! I enjoyed this very much! 

This was short, spooky and neat looking game. Good Job! 

Fun, engaging, puzzling at times, but overall fantastic! 
Visuals, menu, gameplay - amazing!