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Was unsure before buying, but: Money well spent. For me, the game is if Minecraft, Transport tycoon and Factorio had a weird 3-way baby. I'll be playing this for years. When the C# API comes, I may even do some modding.

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Thanks for your interest in my debut game. Here are some places on the internet related to this game and future games from me.

Twitter: (news, screenshots, videos)

Discord server: (support, suggestions, questions, bug reports. Or you can do these things on here instead)

You-Tube : (currently older videos, but videos about Emoji Miner and future games)

Web site: (for this and my other projects and stuff and things)

Bug tracking/features coming soon (View only + upvote features. Known bugs, upcoming features and fixes)

Purchases of this game will support more games in the future, so please share a link to the game on your social media and with friends and family. Each purchase comes with a gold chest full of my eternal gratitude to you. *chest not included. Gratitude subject to availability.

Suggestions to add bombs, guns, missiles and violence will be met with slight resistance from me. All my favourite games of all time have zero or near-zero violence, and yet have insanely good game-play.  We have enough of all this stuff in the real world, so why pollute the gaming world with all this eh?

Thank you,

Scott Hather, sole developer at Gomaya Games.