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Geoffrey Golden

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Thanks for playing! Hopefully Kiki will be more chill by then!

Thanks for playing! So glad you enjoyed your Soulmerge enough to Soulmerge multiple times!

Thanks for playing! Wow, maybe it was a deeper game than I thought, lol.

Thank you! I made it right before the end of the jam. 😅

What a lovely poem! Works great with the visuals and music.

Very funny and well designed!

What a cool and bizarre game. I love the visuals!

New issue! Hooray! 

Thanks for playing! In my opinion, you have excellent taste (in brains).

I did! Yay! So glad you dig my work.

If you want to turn your inbox into an adventure, I publish two new text games a month via my email newsletter Adventure Snack

Thanks for playing. If it left you hungry for more, check out a meatier text game I made for this year’s IFComp, Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee’s.

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed your braaaaaains.

This game was imaginative and lots of fun! And kudos for adding a map. (I'm bad at directions.)

I knew I couldn't go wrong with a title like Pizza Witch. Terrific art and a fun story!

Thanks for the great review!

In theory, you could build rides powered by dice rolls and put on shows that require number crunching from the audience. It'd be a strange park, but it's possible! 😁