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I was sceptical when I first downloaded this but I'm happy to say  I was wrong, this game isgreat! Apart from the lack of music and particles (as said in the WIP) the overall aesthetic of this game is brilliant, the generation of the colours and the land go well with the colours of the rest of the game. For a game made of cubes it looks amazing. 

There are a few things that I would have liked to see:

  • Sound
  • Music (Epic music for the criteria)
  • Different controls (Arrows / WSAD and Space)
  • More variety in the paths, making them more challenging.

i used magica voxel for all the models... And thanks a lot!

The art aesthetics and overall graphics of this game are superb! The idea is also brilliant mixed with great sounds...

I only experienced a few issues, the biggest of which was the UI not scaling properly to my screen size.

But apart from those minor issue this game was brilliant and I'd love to see more :)

Cookie Runner Remastered is the remade version of the jam game cookie runner. Enjoy this fast paced, reaction based, arcade game here

thanks! The selection screen was added last minute so it mean I needed 3 inputs on the already limited space bar controlls which has made them quite glitchy, I hope I can fine tune them a bit more in the future.

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As you can see by the title I've been seeing more interest in this than in my other finished games, I'm wondering why this is?

Although I hate to make this sound like I don't like my game, I have done my best to stop people from getting hyped about an old project. I would love to know why your looking at this, just out of interest :D

If you have a spare few minutes please take time to explain why you're looking at this old game :D

Thank you, quite a few of these issues have already been fixed but thank you for spotting the rest :)

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Okidokes you can now download deserted island from the page, it was made in the time limit but just wouldn't upload earlier. Sorry but you'll have to download it from here. Or the 'see page' button at the top :)

this wasnt made in the time

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Thank you... Can you tell me where that information is, it would be very useful :)

Edit: I found it but thank you

Thank you very much, I hope your enjoyed. 

Out of interest do your know if there is anyway to tell your rating for your project / other's projects so you can see how well your doing?

Oh if that's all :)

I assumed that from the .batch file, it would be useful if you could remove the game from saying it is available on Android though... just to stop more confusion :)

It is likely the ui wont scale properly for the android version so if your on a smaller device I would recomend using a tablet or pc. 

When I download your zip file there is no APK. Is this game meant to be played on android?

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my game

Thank you,  you contest looks very interesting and I shall be sure to join, I also spread the word :)

Tonika looks quite good, the graphics, animations and sound, etc... is amazing. However it could do with a tutorial so that I could understand how to play and what I was doing. A jump button would also be appreciated because that could add lots more content and make the game more immersive. Also when I clicked [TAB] nothing happened. 

Thanks for playing

I might have to add a different currency for the guns then, although the guns do have some advantages. The higher up the cost of the gun the more damage they do, some guns also improve the amount of AI hit by the bullets. Although I found not buying things easiest as well. 

Shooting through the shop door is a glitch and will be solved in the next update. 

Thank you for notifying us. In theory we have fixed the issue for the newest release of Red Voxel. I hope it works for you and I hope you enjoy playing. 

Thanks CrudeCastle. The bullets spawned in front of the player because there used to be a cross-hair and they followed where that was, I removed that cross-hair so now it looks a bit weird. :) But thanks, glad you found it fun. 

Thanks, yeah the characters camera is actually quite low to the ground. To be honest I couldn't finish the game half the time I played it :)

I officially welcome everyone to visit this page to the world of Alactra and to the fight for RELO.

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reply here what score you got to!

This game is so awesome... A super retro feel and and extremely original game mechanic... loving it =)

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thank you very much.

I will certainly make some tutorials or animations as soon as the game has a bit more content. Thankyou for the advice, this is the first game I have ever properly release so I highly appreciate it.

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Thankyou so much... This was the first game jam I have ever taken part in and I have got to say, I really enjoyed it :)