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Yeah, the idea was to keep jumping between the rings to stay ahead of the black hole, but I couldn't implement it in a way that didn't look ridiculous so it's kind if half-finished haha...

Yeah I'm adding a credits page as soon as I can! Don't worry! Most sounds are cc0 from opengameart!

Hi Terces and thank you for your long and thoughtful review. The points you brought up will help us grow and improve as creators and they are hugely appreciated, I won't go into detail for each point since I don't feel like I can defend any of the decisions taken at this point. But thanks again, you've helped us immensely with this.

Sadly I don't remember their names only how I experienced them :(

Please provide different ports as different downloads next time!

Defender but with a cactus! Nice I like it :)

While it isn't a game-game, it reminded me of some old built-in pc applications :) I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Must've been some naming issue when I used the "Export All" setting on Godot, sorry for the confusion!

please include the .pck file in a .zip format for windows releases

Really fun and addictive!!

While it is rough around the edge I actually had a lot of fun playing this one. Addictive gameplay and a really satsifying feedback loop. And the backstory was funny too :)

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I don't understand, it has a mac zip file inside it?

Interesting! I like the concept a lot!! Only criticism I can give at the moment is that some colors are a bit too similar at a glance, like yellow cacti and green blocks. So thats a bit confusing, other than that great job!

This is how it looks on the windows port. Apart from the text being barely readable its quite cluttered, the game could do with some streamlining, as I dont really know what to do from the get-go...

It's like zombies ate my neighbours except with more cactuses and gore. Real nice!

How is this related to cactuses?

I think I beat the game? Level 3 doesn't feel finished since there is a long pathway to nothing in the middle of the level... And once I beat it the game froze. :(

Other than that, I love the art, the idea and the idea but it would really benefit from having a few levels introducing you to the abilities and then gradually getting harder, the jump from level 1 to level 2 is pretty high atm.

Would have loved some music too!! A bit boring when its so quiet...

Great looking, great sounding but not great feeling!
While the graphics and sounds leave little to be desired the core gameplay just was not entertaining enough. You need to think about how the player experiences your game, and doubly so for a jam game. I spent about 10 minutes on the first level (and I honestly dont know if there are any more) and I could get to about 4 points before getting caught. It's just not very engaging to sit around and wait for a guard to get to your cactus and escape. It would have benefitted from some dedicated level design and a clear goal for each level, rather than just getting points.

Hello! Thanks for playing our game! Seems like you fun with it! We're always happy to hear what people think, and we use it to improve ourselves. The last update for the game will be out soon and I hope you check back in a week or so to see it!

All the best, and thanks again!

Thank you so much for this video! Happy you found the game entertaining even though it still has a few kinks to be worked out. Your feedback is incredibly useful for us moving forward. We'll soon release a pretty big update that fixes a lot of things, however the mouse sensitivity is still pretty slow in that one.

Thanks again!

Thank you, happy to hear you enjoyed it as much as you did!

Hopefully you'll give the official 1.1 update a try when it's out (soon™) ! :--D

Thank you!

A hitmarker is a good idea, I will keep it in mind for the 1.1 release!

Happy you enjoyed our game.

PS: the menu loves you!

Aaaah.. to literally "pick" your poison! I get it. I'll adjust my score for the theme.

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it.

The run and gun mechanics are always fun, that's kind of the mindset we had while making this. As you know, we know the low-res filter is not for everyone. This is an internal preference that got carried on to the released version.

But! Going forward we will probably stick to the HD version.

All the best.

Thank you!! Really happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Yeah, don't worry about the low res filter there is already an unofficial HD release floating around.

As for improvements, of course! We loved working on this game and will most definitely release updates and improvements.

I had a BLAST with this game.

I couldn't stop laughing when trying the drunk driver car, and I was just playing on my own.

I would imagine this is immensely enjoyable to play with your friends, reminds me of old classics you used to play on the school computer back in the day.

Loved this one.

This game would be amazing with some sound and effects!

As it stands, you don't really feel the impact of your endless onslaught.

Other than that, the game feels really solid and runs without any issues. I just wish there was more to do than to be stuck in a square with endless spawning enemies!

I would love to see a fully featured release of this. The theme of this game is incredibly interesting and the aesthetics give the game a dark and really apocalyptic tone.

This seems like a very ambitious game, and I must admit it had some issues captivating me at the start. Maybe you should add some kind of backstory or similar to set the scene and the tone of the game. 

Overall though, I see your vision and would love to see this game grow!

I like the idea here, feels very arcade-y and fun!

It's a bit barren at the moment, with no sounds or any clear goal but I think that with some designed levels and a bit more of a challenge it could be really engaging!

Where did the customizable character feature go? :-(

This game does not really do it for me. It is a bit disconnected and the controls feel unresponsive. The gravity seems to be all over the place with the speed of the paddle varying from one press of the arrow key to the next.

This needs some more time, and I can't figure out how it is related to the theme.

Really cool game!! I get that there are some bugs that you're just itching to release a patch for so I won't go into those.

Since I knew that the card game was going to be a modified kind of blackjack I understood the rules of the game after a while, but I think you can add something to help explain the rules a bit.

The experience as a whole was really solid, I loved the serious western style contra the pixelated guys playing blackjack to shoot each other.

An interesting game with a great art style.

This game looks amazing. The idea of combining materials into potions (not poisons :-P) that people need is really neat. A very comfortable game. 

Sadly, while I think the idea of having vague ailments that need to be cured in specific ways is a fun idea. Some of these were just too cryptic! What sort of potion a person need to keep his dragons from biting people?!

Overall, very quirky and neat. I liked it.

This is like being sent back in time and getting to play some new arcade game. I really really like this game, but I can't really say it follows the theme all that well - since there is only one poison to attack with. 

Regardless, this is my favorite type of game and I had a huge grin on my face the entire time while playing. Thank you for this.

A bit confusing, but interesting nonetheless. 

Since the "expected rating" is already displayed during a customer, I thought it was related to the previous customer, and that I had to sit and listen for what they would say...

But a cool concept, could do with some more game-y mechanics however, like making sure your restaurant makes money, and that the customers don't wait too long.

Nice job.

Original and funny!

The art and sound are really outstanding, the humorous lines are great even if they play a bit often!

I take it you're still working on this? I sure hope you do! Apart from mixing tinctures I couldn't really figure out how to make anything else, and there didn't seem to be any game over or win conditions.

Really great stuff.

Holy moly what a game.

This is a really solid experience, gameplay, design, audio... the lot. Super proud of you, it is almost impossible to believe it was made in a week. (Except some of the art and so on, I know.) 

If there was only one thing I could ask for, it would be to be able to change the curse of the level after dying. It was frustrating trying to do some of these on only one hit haha...

And the final level was BRUTAL.


I love that the guy is a polygon!! 

But overall the game feels a bit "floaty". I think you can fix it by fiddling with your settings a bit and getting is just right, a platformer especially needs to feel tight when you're playing it.

I didn't feel that big of a difference between the debuffs to be honest! 

I think if you spent a little longer on this title you could really improve the feel of the game.

Really nice style and solid gameplay. Sadly this is hampered immensely by how punishing it is to learn the new abilities you unlock. I got to the second poison, after which I had to figure out how to walljump using it and the first one together. I managed to get over by spamming the two abilities but filling up your meter sends you back to the last checkpoint, so I was stuck.

I think the game would benefit from slowly introducing challenges after each unlocked ability and then combining them at the end, rather than making it near impossible to get past the first obstacle without fully understanding how to use your skills.

However, I am only critical because I see a very good game here. The art style is unique and the mechanics themselves have the potential to be really solid. 

Good job!

Lots of potential this one!

Really nice to see a poison crafting system, I've always had a soft spot for alchemy and the like. I hope you keep working on it, and expand the game even further.

Going forward, I hope you implement some more indication of when a task is done. Like a sound when the mamasia is dry and such.

Thank you for your review! 

The enemies were not fully implemented before release so that kind of unexpected behavior is sadly a reality at the moment. Hopefully, once we release a post-jam upgrade these annoyances will be gone and the game will have a more clear sense of direction. Your idea about the map is a good addition! There needs to be some way of telling the player where he has been before while still keeping the sort of claustrophobic atmosphere that we want to present.

Thanks again, and more stuff is definitely in the works!

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Hi! Really happy you played our game!!

At the moment the game is still being worked on! It was submitted to the Godot Wild Jam 2 but an "enhanced edition" is in the works. Your video really helps us know what we need to add/remove and what we need to spend some more time and energy on.

Huge thanks, you earned yourself a new subscriber. :-)