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Thanks! Hell, network would be even better than splitscreen!

When is the update to play 2 player on 3D mode coming???

Can you help me? Can you make it compatable with both keyboard and Gamepad? PPPPP


Can you help me it won't let me play the game! It doesn't even tell me a reason?

DOOM Like western FPS great idea, nice graphics!

With the map editor make it so that you see it as if you where to fly around in game or something with just a more simple layout. The map editor is just complicated to use! BTW Thanks for Replying!

I love this game! But can I make a couple request or suggestions? I would like it if the map editor wasn't so confusing please, and maybe make it so that you won't have unlimited sprint, like add a stamina bar?

In the Easter update I can't delete troops in custom battle editor! Plz help me!