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wow, just 12 hours ago and the comments are already filled with videos, and as always i can't wait to play this game

I like to help

ok, no problem, it's just, you could like make a "old games" section or something like that, that way they don't go unoticed and people have a reason to why they are not so good. But that is just my opinion.

STFU Furry

man, why core, and i remembered that core and system upkeep apeared on your page, what  is going on?

also core

Hey, why isn't this game on your page, mike?

It is not the only one, space blaster isn't there too and system upkeep also isn't there, curiosity killed the explorer is another example, and many others.


played it. good concept and gameplay, 10/10, also the 2 endings were very good, and the maintenance guy is a gigachad

haha monies, too bad i cant have them💀


too bad i don't have the monies💀

the other side

by the images it looks to be in the same bunker as the drill game.

THE GIANT ENEMY SPIDER *jerma starts beatboxing*

Ok 💀

btw i hope you are having a very great day.

Thanks for the linux port, i haven't played it yet bc im in a car rn

"Hold z to express your will"


the hole in the wall inside of that big "turn back" door where you get the hair made me throw up

no problem

thanks m8 comuter i shit have -yoda

linux pls

can you please make a linux version? everything works better without emulation and i have a shitty acer laptop

reused sounds -3

gameplay doesnt make any sense -3

random loud noises with no context -4

overall 0/10

linux pliz

0/10 cant sex the man

10/10 made me cry

is this the prequel to core?

>Oculus quest plz

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can I make a linux version of it?

then grow up

thanks mate, btw i was able to prove my point running a windows version of a game and then a linux version of it an i saw that the linux version runned mutch smoother, i was also asking this because i only have a very poopy acer laptop that came with windows 7, and cannot run more than 1 youtube tab.


Hey Mike,if you are fine with it, i would like to ask you to, please do a linux version of your games. I know wine exist but there are stuff that work better without emulating it. Again, you don't need to but it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.


mobius? more like morbius

Why is it spicy

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Update it