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Alright, turns out the right click to reload didn't help as much as I thought it would, probably cuz you can't shoot while reloading (something I didn't notice before). Also, I always get an F every single time, even when I manage to destroy one of the nests before dying. In survival mode, I got a B on the first try and another F the second time, and I don't really know if I'm that bad at the game or if the scoring system works differently from other games I've played. Taking down the nests is also extremely difficult cuz you have to focus on so many things at once: there're multiple enemies coming at you from every angle, blocking your escape routes from the onslaught of the spitters firing their acid balls, and on top of all that, the nest also has its own (very effective) offense system. It'd be easier if you get more health packs along the way, or if the enemies spawned around the nests are not as much as they are elsewhere.

All right! Can't wait! 😃😁

Great game, But why are the four controls spread out all over the keyboard? All the controls could be on the four arrow keys tbh. Simple solution: Make the controls customizable.

Hello, I just got this game yesterday and I love it. It's definitely one of the best I've seen here on itch. Still, it's too far to reach the "r" to reload, especially in the heat of battle. As any experienced zombie killer knows, one single second could make a big difference, and push you closer to success or death, so could you please make it so you can reload with the right click on the mouse? Or better yet, make the controls remappable(not sure if that's a word...😅) that way, no one will have any problem withit. Thanks.

Hey, RGS_Dev, about what I said last time, about one color being okay? I just realized that changing the hue of the sprites wouldn't really work, cuz since they'd already be joined together, all the parts of the sprites would be the same color, so It'd be best if you Included multiple colors for the parts, even if it's just a few. Thanks.

I checked out your page, those mods look pretty cool. And they're mostly cursors, though I guess that's kind of your specialty huh? :)

Oh, that's great! So we can get started?

Alright then, thanks, I'll be looking forward to it.

You're welcome. And thanks as well.

And you're working on Fallout 76? That's awesome! Y'know I don't like to brag but... I helped write the backsory and name several characters and weapons in Rickard Paulsson's Gunborg. Yeah... I'm pretty much a celebrity now...

Sky! Man! It's good to see you again. Sorry I haven't reached out, I thought you were gone(like maybe you'd gotten some huge job and decided to leave itch behind). I left you a message on discord and you didn't respond, so I concluded you'd moved on. And since I don't use discord (the only reason I was there in the first place was cuz of you), I didn't bother going back... Thanks for reaching out, and I completely understand, I've been pretty busy myself, but whenever you're free, I'll be here. I figure I'm just gonna have to make time, cuz waiting until I have free time just isn't working, something always pops up...

Also, if you don't mind... On your profile, I believe the word should be "strives" and not "thrives".

Awesome comics dude. Keep up the good work!

Oooh! You made this as well! I love this little guy. Here's a link to a game I made using him. It's a showcase for a level generator engine I built. I hope you like it!

Hi. These characters are exactly what I need for a game I'm working on. They're simple, vector and have all the animations I want, plus there's a bunch of pre animated parts to mix and match to make dozens of characters, so they're perfect! Well, almost... The images are all white, and recoloring them would be pretty tedious and sloppy since they're not actually in a vector format. The engine I'm using allows me to change the hue of the images however, so all the sprites in just one color would work just fine, though multiple colors would be great as well. Could you please add an update with the colored sprites? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Alright. Thanks a lot.

It's my paper wallpaper collection. And yes I have read through the search and browse FAQ, and nothing there seems to be the problem.

Hi, I uploaded a wallpaper pack some months ago, but whenever I search "wallpapers" in the search tab, my file doesn't show up among the results. I've tried reuploading and changing the file name, and the tags as well, but nothing's working. Please help. I want to upload the pack soon, but I don't want to do that and the file ends up invisible again.(and yes I've made the file public).

Wait, you're leaving?! Why?! And what site are you moving to, so we can come to find you?

Hi, wenrexa! I love your assets and the fact that you make a great deal of them free to use, I cant believe I haven't been following you. Keep up the good work!😊

It's great to hear that. I'll be looking forward to it.

Hello! Your character looks amazing! And the animations are awesome too. Do you intend to create more characters in this style? Like enemies perhaps? There are several epic characters like this that would look great in a game, but it's difficult to put them in one cuz the creators hardly make any more than the player character, and it can be quite difficult to find sprites that would fit the style. I'm really looking forward to seeing a few more characters in this style, but either way, great job!

These are really awesome, great job on them!

You should put all the sounds in one folder, compress it, and upload them as one file, that'll make it so much easier to download

Hi, I really like the graphics of the game, the character, and world design are very impressive, but you should really make it so you can save your progress. It's one thing to have to restart the entire level whenever you die(I feel the doors you go through should serve as checkpoints), and it's another thing to lose all your upgrades whenever you close the game and have to start from scratch whenever you reopen the game. It's really frustrating. Then secondly, the game lags: the loading screen stays on for very long even after it indicates that it's complete, and the player moves a bit slowly and doesn't respond to the keypresses as fast as he should. (I don't know if this is a result of the lag, or the player actually moves that slowly) And there are cases where the game just freezes and by the time it recovers, I've already been hit a couple of times. I know the lag is not from my laptop, because I play other more advanced games, and those are fine. I like the game, but I don't really enjoy playing it because of these problems, so it'd help if you could fix them. Thanks.

Yup! They are!

My e-mail is You could use that for now.

Awsome! Glad I could help.

Hey Rick, did you get my e-mail?

Thanks! It's cool. Apart from my e-mail, no. And I don't check that very often, unless I'm expecting something. I'll sign up for discord and let you know. I already know how to animate them, realworld cursor editor makes it pretty easy. Unless there's a way to animate single images without having to import several frames, then yeah, I'll be glad if you could show me. Check out this cursor pack: it's sorta based on The Blue guy's technoblue cursor pack. The password is "Skyview"

Hey Rick, do you still use this e-mail '' ? I'm asking cuz it's not in the update, and I don't have a youtube or vimeo account, so e-mail's the only other way to show you the video.

Yeah, I tried that, it worked, but only twice, I guess I just need to get the hang of it, and is it just me, or does the shield break more easily in the current demo than it did in the first one?

I'm really glad you like the gun names, (I was secretly hoping you didn't have names for 'em yet!) and I'm flattered to know that you'll be USING them!

I'll try out Bandicam and hopefully, it'll work!

That's great to hear. Cuz I was pretty disappointed to find that a lot of the scenes shown here aren't in the current demo, and the info bots are pretty difficult to get to as well, especially the last one in "Firestarter" I've only ever made it out alive once! (And I've played the game at least a couple million times since I downloaded it 2 days ago) Other than that, the game is pretty sweet. Love the new gun as well, speaking of which, do you have names for them? I already made up a few that my little brother and I have been using since I got the first demo: Arc Uniblaster, Crimson Beacon, Neon Triblaster, and Pyromancer/Flamethrower, (we haven't named the new one yet).

I found a couple of fun stuff you can do in the game I wanna show you, but my screen recorder closes every time I open the game, which one would you recommend? (I'm using Appowersoft by the way)

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Wow.  Just when I thought the game couldn't get any cooler. This looks great dude! No wonder it took a while, and it's still not finished? Looks like it's gonna be worth the wait though. Great work!

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Hello Sky! You've inspired me and I started looking into cursors, and found that they aren't actually that hard to find or even create, so, long story short, I'm hooked on custom cursors now, and I'm even creating several sets of my OWN! Please check them out:, Thanks!

Never mind.  Man, that's a lot of comments 😂, but at least it means there's activity on your page!

Okay, the screen has been frozen like this now for a couple of minutes, every time I go back to restore the game it's still there, the music is still playing, but other than that, it's stuck, and I can't restart.

Okay, so this is my new favorite game... Did I mention how great the artwork is? The storyline is also epic and the characters are awesome! Not to mention that everything about the game is entirely original. I just died defending the station, (man those ships have got no chills at all) but I still really enjoyed the game. 

Going back to re-play it now. Hopefully, I'll get a lot farther this time.

Oh! So that's what that is! I thought it was another thrust wave or something. That's pretty creative, not using the typical navigation systems, but it really wasn't obvious. Thanks for the reply.