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I'm amazed at the amount of atmosphere you managed to pack into this, great minimal palette and smart use of lighting too, nice work. If you do continue to expand this, then I'll be looking forward to it.

An interesting side note, and potential feedback for a longer release: That pixelated shader makes you game world look the way the real world look to me with my glasses off (only with more sharp edges). I spent the whole time squinting at the screen trying to bring it back into focus, which I know is my problem (and this is the Low-rez Jam), but if you were to do a longer release it'd be great if you could include the option to tone that down just a bit. Alternatively, turn it all the way up and make the world's first extreme short sightedness simulator ;-)

Simple idea well executed, and surprisingly hard. Nicely done.

I love this! Watching the world go by while listening to ambient music is one of my favourite things to do IRL. I realise you're probably done with it at this point, but if you ever revisit the idea I have 2 suggestions: Allow the player to switch the music off independent of the sound effects (and vice versa), and let them decide which direction to travel in. Otherwise, this is beautiful, I can imagine letting it run while I read a text book to get the authentic "going home between terms at uni" feel.