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Thanks for playing, glad you liked it. I think your right an updated version could really benefit from a progress bar type thing.

Thanks for playing glad you liked it! I was thinking it made more sense for the player to start under the mouse(aka under the start button) but ya I should of moved the start button instead of the player.

Thanks! Would definitely consider a switch to Android for a more full version of the game, and would love to add more polish/feedback fora full version as-well. Thanks for playing.

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cute art, cool concept, and well made character controller but the water is way too punishing in my opinion. Should give you a bit longer to change direction in it.

Thanks for playing! I'm pretty sure that slow down is caused by the increased physics cost to your CPU as more balls are needed to collect them. If I decide to go further with this game I would probably write my own code for the follow since I just used Unity's built in physics. As it stands physics is over 80% of the CPU usage.

Nice job, thanks for playing!

Thanks! I may just add some new ball types / power ups post judging.

haha :)

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Great game! well thought out, polished, and unique. My only negative feedback would be that the weapon upgrade icons are too similar looking, but that is quite minor, and made up for since hovering over them highlights what they are for.

cool concept had fun playing it even though puzzle platformers are not my jam

Nice score! Thanks for playing, and glad you liked it!

Cool little movement game, Nice job!

Thanks for playing! Hopefully I can have a full version available by then!