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Hey, thanks for playing <3

Hoh, it`s nice game! I, by the way, received a grade of "B-".

I see potential in this game, I really liked the graphics along with the music. But the game still needs to be refined and the idea itself improved.

I want to say more about bugs, I sometimes had 2 lines highlighted in dialogs.. But I did not answer the last question in the math test, because I had a bug that prevented me from choosing the right option.

But the game still turned out cool!

Thank you!

The idea of the game and the game itself is pretty cool. The style of graphics really appealed to me. But a couple of problems have already been described below, I just want to add that it would be good if there was some area that showed in which direction the camera is looking and add this machine more on the level.

Hah, thank you!

So sad :(

It's really cool game, graphic is so attractive. I also liked the idea of the game, and the first flight to the star was amazing! 

But I would add a similar animation for a flight to the planet, and fix a bug where when flying somewhere, a spaceship passes through another body.

Wow this is a really cool game that I'm a little stuck in. Great job, I really liked it.

The game is great, the graphics and music are just wonderful. But I would like to slightly improve the developer console (add to the arrows the ability to select commands that you have already written)

I liked the idea of the game, but as everyone else said, you need to fix the problem with the highlight of the menu item

Hm, it`s so pretty game. There is excellent graphic and music!

I really liked the idea of the game, its graphics and sound effects, but there are a couple of disadvantages: first, when there are a lot of robot corpses at the door, they do not work for me, second, when you are on the second floor, it is difficult to see where there are robots.

But the game turned out pretty cool

Hah, thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Very cool game!

Hm, interesting idea and game

Nice game!

Thank for playing my game!

The game is just wonderful. I stuck in it for about 15 minutes. Very interesting idea and implementation is also up to par!

But I wanted you to have "secret" cards from the beginning of the game.

Thank you!

Hmm, although I don't really like games in the genre of defense, but it turned out well!

It's a pretty weird game, but I liked it.

Hm, it`s cool game. I liked the idea of the game, its graphics and background music.

Hah, this is a fun game, I was most amused by the music under which I had to get to Mars.

The game turned out well, but the style of the characters and the environment differed slightly in style. It was not immediately clear where these machine tools were located.

But the game turned out well, I liked it.

Wow, this is really a very cool concept of the game where you hear only sounds and have to follow them. But the idea of the game still needs to be finalized. And so everything is great!

Well, I liked the game in it very cool music and sound effects, as well as graphics, which is done quite well.

But at some points the camera is not stable and would like a more living world.

And so the game is fun!

Hey, thanks for playing my game. This scanner only works at a certain distance, so it works correctly. And thanks for the criticism, I'll fix a couple of things updated in the future.

This is a nice game, in the beginning the font is very strange and illegible, but overall the game is not bad.

Я могу быть программистом

Its cool game and fantastic graphic. But I would like that when you have the ball and it hits you, the ball flies away. And that it worked towards the enemies

For some reason I can't start the game. Nothing works

Nice game! But the game lacks some background music.

Thank for playing! I hope you enjoyed


Thank you, I'm glad you liked the gameplay. I will take into account your impression.

This is a very cool game! Of course, the game still needs to be finalized, but it turned out pretty cool