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Please follow these steps:

1. Click on the Fbx file. 

2. In the Inspector window, Go to Materials Tab -> Click on Extract Textures -> In the popup,  create and select it a folder inside assets folder called Textures

3. Click on Extract Materials Tab -> In the popup, create and select a folder inside assets folder called Materials 

4. You should see you the field visible now, and textures and materials will be visible inside those folders in the Project window.

Hope this helped, I will also attach a unity package that you can import directly.

So depending on the number of AI kills you make in the game you get a rank, if you kill everyone you get Mass Murderer, and you get Shadow Ninja if you kill zero (use stealth) and finish the game.

Thanks! Invector is an awesome character controller, we learned a lot reading their code and it helped us understand how such a system can be built. Did you finish the game? What rank did you get?

Awesome! Happy to help :)

Did you finish it? What was your rank?

Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game! Can you try on low settings and see if it works?

Also the ammo is hidden and the idea was to force player to try stealth cause frankly it’s so much more thrilling to play sneakily! 

You can get 8 ammo in room 1, try behind the large square steel objects (super secret location :P), and 2 ammo pack on room 3. Also killing enemies gives 3 ammo.

The core mechanic is so much fun!! I blasted 50 cannons 💣 Tried to make them all fire together so I could watch all the bombs explode at the same time.

Thanks for playing the game, you got Shadow Ninja!! 

That is totally amazing, it’s the highest rank there is. #CalmAndSlowWinsTheRace 😛

Great it worked now!! Thank you for the quick support :D

Thanks !!

I am not able to link my purchase to Game Maker Marketplace. And it's asking me to purchase again.

Can you please add the extension on download page? That would be really helpful!



I bought the softwar and used the particle creator, it's really cool and made some cool effects with it. Awesome Stuff! Once done I used the export to GMS 2 option and got the GML code.

I am unable to figure out how to use these particles inside GMS 2. The included gmz file is a complete project but I want to use GeonFX in my previously made projects, and in documentation it says to add gmez extension but that file is not available?

It's likely that I am missing something very basic.

Can you please help me with this?

Fun game with a satire! I love it's simplicity, the art and the way the story presents itself, fun to think about while playing :)

Thank you for the awesome feedback! Totally agree and makes a lot of sense, we are working on a fix, turns out it's not straight forward to do this in Construct engine and we are finding a way to hack around it. Will update it as soon as possible.

Thank you :D

Congrats!! That is a really hard score to achieve :)

Thanks for the feedback it makes a lot of sense. I'm working on making it better, will keep this in mind.

Thank you :)