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does this mean you would make a new kitchen and new sprite to copy the previous but just with different dialogue? I thought about doing that but it feels like it would b complicated because I want the player to be able to come in and out several times (and I don't want to make a new room and sprite for each time)

oh wait... just read I should go to the discord rather than here!

Also feel free to ask for clarification in case I described this weirdly !

I'm extremely (XXXtremely) new to game making so bear with me,

I was wondering how I would make it so that each time a player leaves the starting area and then returns, a sprite would say something different to them. I feel like just shuffling thru random dialog options isn't quite rewarding enough for what I want. Is there a way to quantify the amount of times the player exits and assign a dialog option to each amount of exits? Once again I'm fairly inexperienced with game-making/coding in general so if that suggestion sounds ridiculous then... shrug!!! Idk what im doing. If it isn't possible how I described it, is there a sort of backwards way I could get it to work?