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I would love to use this on my platformer game…

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It was good. Hard for my first time but good for me nonetheless

It’s good game. Kinda feel like old retro game which what I like about this game. Hope you make longer version

I have this problem. Can you help?

Damn, you are really amazing to made this dude. Thank you for this. This will help me doing my game.

Finally, I will download this when I have wi-fi on the office later. I will post review of this game if you don't mind. Thank you for the game

Nevermind it's my mistake. Good game though, won't call it scary yet as it's not finished yet

There seems to be a bug as when I'm down to turn on the electricity after the ghost come I cannot move using keyboard.

Thank you for playing my game. Sadly it's second version so it's actually easier XD. But thanks for playing my game. 

Hey, I want to ask permission to use your asset for my game. I will credit you in my game of course

I admit i didn't have money to pay but at least i will put credit to you

How do i credit you in my game?



Wah anggota juga berarti ya? Ketemu juga dari Indo yang Makai Gdevelop XD. Membangun kreativitas anak bangsa kita buat game dari Indonesia bos XD

Mantap. Oke. Nanti saya follow. Sekalian nyari inspirasi dan belajar juga

makasih bang. Ini pertama kalinya saya coba bikin game android sendiri. Mohon komen dan kritiknya karena untuk pelajaran saya membuat game lebih baik kedepannya XD

Damn, now that i play this game. Playing it is really harder then when I make it yesterday