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Hey! Thanks for the nice feedback :)

It's a pretty small game but I'm glad you still liked it!

Congratulations on 100 k subs! :D Your videos are awesome!

Thank you for giving me great feedback! I'm glad you liked my game :)

Thanks for giving me feedback! :D I know it doesn't have much gameplay. I just wanted to make something I don't usally make :)

Did you play the game in your browser? Because scaling doesn't really work very well in the browser version of the game, but changing the resolution for the shapes should probably work. I don't know if I'm going to do it though since scaling works fine in the downloadable version.

The graphics are simple but still looks good, and the music is cool :)

Thanks for your feedback :) I think it would become more difficult to control the player if it didn't  slow down automatically but adding gravity to the planets seems like a great idea! :D

Nice game! I like the game idea  and art :) Adding sound effects or music would be cool!

Thank you for giving me feedback and playing my game! :D  I'm going to try to improve the controls

I can't run the game in my browser. Everything just freezed and then chrome stopped working.

Nice game! 

Yes! I would really like to see that :D

The music is good and it's super fun playing around with the different sounds! I also like the characters. :)

I think I've found a bug when the large brush powerup makes my character so big that I can't continue, I had to go back so the brush wasn't big anymore. I really liked the game anyway :).

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback! I will try to fix the bug with the hp bar, and I may add music in an update. Thanks for playing my game. :)

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Thanks! I am happy  you played my game.

Thank you for your criticism, I can try to fix it when the game jam is over.