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Loved it! I hope a longer version comes out. 

+++ Tons of personality and juice
+++ Loved my dragon doggo boy

+++Harder than expected, but good!

Really enjoying following your progress! It seems like your alterations towards a "turn" basis are one of those game design moments that helps a lot of things click into place. Those moments are gold.

Another thought is to establish partnerships and shine a light on resources for indies. Universities and most non-US governments offer grants for game development these days. It may be a good move if Itch can become a portal for indies to learn about and access resources.

I tend to agree. The UX here is minimal to be inviting, deliberately less polished, and accessible as a place for teams with fewer resources to be on equal footing with (somewhat) larger properties.

I think the key is to figure out how itch can thrive off of small and mid-sized indie teams, who may have some kind of budget, but who mostly need to gain traction with new and daring projects.

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(At this point others have brought up Refinery, but my two cents are...)

Itch Refinery is a nice feature because it capitalizes on the kind of community that the site already seems to attract. It resonates with the kind of audience that made Kickstarter successful-- a mixture of people who want to discover something special before others, and those that are sincerely interested in the development process. 
But, a lot of devs don't know about Refinery. I would suggest highlighting Refinery games on the itch homepage, both to foreground them to players and to remind Devs that it's a thing. 

I don't think this is a complete thought, as it feels like it needs additional considerations... but my sense is that most teams running a Refinery release want some visibility/access to players, so this feels like a natural feature to amplify.