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Thanks for playing my game! 😄

This game is so good! The atmosphere created this tension and dread which I see a whole lot in your games and I have to say you did a great job as expected from you! 

Check again

Love It! The atmosphere gives off this eerie feeling of impeding doom which I love in short horror games like this! Overall this is pretty good considering its your first game. Good work, cant wait to see what you make in the future.

I fixed it again


The link has been fixed again, sorry about that

Sorry about that.

Hey everyone, I just found out the link to the discord server wasn't working so I went and fixed it! your welcome :)

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Just fixed it :)

Hey Guys! so the starting date has been changed due to me having some stuff coming up on the weekend.

Well Goodluck! Right now I'm trying to come up with something else to make :)

not yet

Thanks for those kind words! Glad you liked it!

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Thanks for playing my game! this was very fun to watch 

Thanks for playing my game! I'm going to fix the volume I didn't realize It was that loud.

I can give you a hint on how to get the second ending it's at the last level. 

You got i

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Thanks for feedback! Right now I'm improving the death ending and adding a third ending. After watching this I see a lot of problems with game so thank you so much for your feedback. 

- Glory Meat

Thank you some for those kind words! Right now I'm brainstorming some new ideas for a game.

Thanks for playing my game!

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That's strange? i can tell you it's not a dangerous file.

Thank you so much!

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Thanks you so much! I feel so happy


I've been wanting to make a horror game for a while now and I finally did it!

this is my game "Alleyway" a PSX style VHS horror game, I cant wait to make more games in the future!