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Awsome! i have always wanted to play as a demon  ;-) looking forward to the full game, like love this! 5 stars!

Short but...sweet? ;-D 5 STARS

Hi!  Ertal i was trying to buy my burning heart but there is no option to buy it with card ;-( do you only take paypal? (i dont have paypal ;((((()

Hi i did try to download the demo right now for windows only but its not downloading? I dont know if there is an error but it does not work for me once more (i dont think its my computer since its new but i can be wrong) Hope it works 

There is an error, i cant download on windows ;-(

Just found this today and so far i ust love this demo and <3 <3 <3 cant wait for the full game! <3

I love this i have no more words to say.  And Xander, my god i loved his route! <3 <3 <3

Yay!!! This is sooo exciting to hear! I cant wait!! ;D <3

I loved this so much! <3

Harun i dont care about the endings i get with you as long as you keep my Adnan with youuu.  Tnx for the sneek peak Ertal, it was so needed ;-))) Cant wait for the full game! Much love <3

I love this and yes i would pay cash for the extended version! Takeeee my money!!! Also more Jack love pleaseee, like an epilogue where we can give him a lot offf kisses :D

Alas my happy ending with Harun are crused! Neverless i will still go for the bad ending with him first if i can ;-) ahhh painfulllll love.

Hi! i love this! and....May i ask if Harun will be an option? I just have a thing for bastards :-D much love!

Nooooo thank you :-) I am so looking forward for playing the full version! 

YESS! SOON i will have all the tottiessss <3

Yay!!! ;-)

Omg! This demo was amazing. looking forward to  the rest of the game! :D (And my god sexy elf men, yesssss)