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Dillon Rogers

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Wow. 19th rank for aesthetics. That's awesome. I appreciate that guys.

Thank you, guys! That makes me really happy. 

Hanamigi - Yes, I'm still kind of getting used to doing FPS in Unity. It's still a bit wonky. There are ranks higher than getting a 15X combo - getting time milestones gives extra money. For example, below 20 seconds is 10k+, below 17 seconds is 20k+, ect. The highest rank is 100k+ which requires 15X combo under 12 seconds. I've yet to see it done, though. My own record is 14.88 with 15X.

Iurikato - Thank you! I appreciate that.

RadJor - Totally understand. I had more planned, but decided to size down and focus on polish. If I expanded this, it'd take on a kind of Super Meat Boy "many short levels with lots of different routes" kind of style. Thanks for playing!