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Finally had enough time to finish Impossible Difficulty.:)

NO going to lie, playing this game feels really satisfying. The music sounds awesome and fits to the style of the game. The only thing that could might be improved that you know when the level is over, like an obvious indicator. But other than that there is really nothing to improve. Well done! ^^

No Jonas. Just pure skill and a lot of patience. ;) 

A really nice concept to block of the spaces. Some subtle music could work well. But other than that, It's an awesome game. Really good work. ^^

This is the closest I ever was to the minimum 2 deaths. :)

I am happy you enjoyed it^^

It's no problem really. Next Jam you wont make that mistake again. I am sure your game was great. ;) 

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The idea is really nice, and the dogs are super cute. It's wierd that you decelerate in the air so fast.

You could add some music, but other than that, there is nothing else to improve. Nice entry! ^^

I love that the face is a seperate sprite, it makes it look even more adorable. The music feels pretty nice too. You could add the ability to use the "W" or "up" key to jump. If you polish it out, maybe add a little bit of lore, you have a very cute little game. Very nice work! ^^

I like the movement and the twist on the theme. The music soulds great and the sound effect are nice as well. I don't understand how the bullets work, but I can look past that. A very nice entry! ^^

I don't really get what this game wants me to do, but it looks nice and the movement feels great. Some music or an indication what the player is supposed to do would be nice. A nice entry nontheless! ^^

I like the idea and the dog is super cute. But a few sound effects and/or music would have been nice. Maybe you could add a way to restart the level es well. Other than that though, this is a very nice entry! ^^

When I try to open it it just throws an error saying that some files are missing. Sorry :(

I like the game. It is easy to get into. But maybe you should give an indication that you need a controller to play it. Nice game nontheless! ^^

That's a really good idea. I have played through it like 5 times or so. The soundeffects and the music work really well. It has the potential to be very addicting if you polished it out a bit more. I suggest adding a few animations to the planes and the birds. Overall a very nice game! ^^

A really cool concept, the music fits well and the simplistic grafics make it easy to see what buttons and door are. I also like the little splash screen, telling you what the game is about. The control sceme takes a bit to get used to, but it's not too bad. A really nice entry! ^^

A really nice small game. The m,usic fits, the controls feel nice and the pixelart looks great. A great project! ^^

Really cool, thanks for playing! No it isn't supposed to crash, I have to get to the root of that :) 

Nice work. It's really fun to play and quite challenging as well. I like the effect of the music getting faster when you zoom to the left. A nice game flow. Maybe you could make the restart easier my using enter or space. Overall a nice game! ^^

Really nice game, definitely deserves more ratings. The musics nice and the twist on the theme is just really creative. A very original concept as well. I like it! ^^

A nice game with chill music. The idea is very nice and the effects on the crates of fire and ice were fun to play with. The controls feel a bit clunky, though I think that these kinds of controls are better for that kind of game anyway. A solid game, nice work! ^^

I really like this idea, because thay literally are joined together. The music is nice and the graphics look great. Maybe you could make the attacks you can perform more obvious. But other than that a very solid game. Good work. ^^

The game looks nice and has great music. But I can't firure out how to play. No matter what buttons I press nothing happens. Maybe you could give the player a small icon at the beginning that shows what buttons do what. But the twist on the theme is very interesting. Nice work nontheless. ^^

Very fun! A view soundeffects and music would have been nice. The art is really beuatiful and it is easy to navigate. But it is a bit hard to tell what spells and upgrades do. Maybe thay could have a more obvious icon or something like that. Overall a nice game. ^^

I like the idea of getting bigger when you collect more of these globs :). But I found myself stuck often because I didn't know what to do. Music and a view more sound effects would be nice. You made the globs look super adorable. Overall a nice game. ^^

I have just published my Game "Gravity Controler" for the GMTK GameJam.

Check it out if you want! ^^

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Next time is going to be under 10 deaths. :)

Hell yes, I am! ^^

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My goal was to beat Rage mode in under 100 deaths. And it was close :).

I'm really looking forward to see the full release.

Really cool^^

I will update the game soon and implement a screen that shows the ending you've got. Thanks for the feedback^^

I am happy you enjoyed it. His name is Bod^^

I am happy you enjoyed it^^

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I can't find you there, could you send a link?

Edit: Nevermind found it. 

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I am not normally on Twitter. Do I need an account to text you there? And if I do, does Instagram work? 

nice thx^^

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Yeah sure! I would like that. Do you have a social media for communication? 

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Whaaat! I really didn't expect someone to make a YouTube video of my game. Really really cool^^

Edit: I just watched it, I love your reaction. 🤣

Ohh, ok

It's 9 games, do really just want to play the first 5?