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Hi! I needed a composer for my game. It’s being made in GB Studio. How much do you need to be pay?

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Hello! I am a developer that needs some help with my entry! I am looking for a composer and artists (I am an artist too, but I need some for backgrounds and enemies and character design, and I can’t make music). If you are interested in this offer, contact me on Newgrounds (or Discord) and we can get started. Just a few people to work with.

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Excuse me, I’m trying to buy this game, but for some weird reason, it doesn’t have an option to buy this with card. What should I do?

And I’m not Canadian by the way.

Hi,  I'm a new follower, and I just bought Lovely Composer two days ago. I tried to download the  latest version, but according to Mcafee, it said the file had a virus. What is that supposed to mean?


Uploading my comics in a way people could see them in browser.

Hi. I just want to ask one question on uploading my comics on What files does the website support for comics?

I was playing the demo, was I? Still awesome, though!


It's me! GlitchHero (or GameHero)! And I'm here to share off my art to the world!

This one for example!

So I have thinking: if I have a game (which I am developing but it's taking a long time), and it's in English. And I want to release it in an another country (i.e. Japan), but I don't have the power to translate it in Japanese. I can try in learning it in another language. Do you localize your games by yourself or a team? Let me know.

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I need some help: When I finished making music and started to export them to any file,  when I play them, it said it won't play them because the computer can't find them, and when I save the fms. files, I don't see it anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

So how should I combined an album of music like how bandcamp does?

Hi! What are the supported file formats for uploading music?

Cool! I'm planning to upload an album!

Hi. I'm asking a little question. Is it possible to upload music in various formats that are not mp3 (midi, wav, ogg, etc.)?

Hi, is there any possibility to upload games that has lots of data?

Cool game!

Hi! I need help! I am new to making a platformer on gamemaker studio and i need some tips on shooting without the mouse!

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Thank you for your kind reply! I also listen to criticism and feedback so you and everyone else will be satisfied so I can improve my art style!

Well, I took futuristic colors, and stuff as inspiration.

Hi, I'm new here in I am developing a game that is a Metroid/Mega Man like game. I'm currently in the process planning, setting the demo, story, characters, and music.

Should I choose inspiration for the art style for the game?