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Thanks for offering your services, friend requests have been sent

Currently looking for voice talent for our upcoming game: Fog lights

Fog lights is going to be the first in a series of games about a young woman, Karla, and her father, Science Dad, who run a monster extermination company. Throughout the game Karla and Science Dad communicate via walkie-talkie and plan their strategy for taking out the monster. 

We currently need voice actors for both Karla and Science Dad.

Development is going smoothly and we plan to launch in May. 


Karla & Science Dad concept art


Voice actors must be able to follow directions via script as well as well as join routine voice calls to receive further direction.

If you're interested please reply or direct message us with some form of contact info. (Discord is preferred)

From there we'll send you the audition scripts and conduct a brief interview ASAP. 

We look forward to working with you!


Got a little feeback. Figured I'd do a little more explaining. 

The main idea of the game was to have environments that could be interacted with in several ways. 

Too many games with open worlds boil down to fetch quests rather than using the design creatively. Rather than build linear stories, why not have the environment be fun, and interacting with said environment eventually lead to each story beat?

I've essentially programmed a 2D New Vegas. It's got NPC's with schedules, a day/night cycle. Character stats, the whole deal. 

This has been quite the task so far, but it's entirely doable.  AND, i get to bring my sick monsters to life, so that's pretty great.

I also want the opportunity to tell archetypal stories, specifically those relating to a boy and his father.

In-game; The main character Dan is searching for his missing father. The journey I'm leading him on will take political and philosophical ideas and pose them against each-other. 

If any of this interests you, please check out the game. Thanks.

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Hi everyone!

You like horror? You like RPG's? You like deep plots?

I recently launched "Project Birthplace", the sequel to my very first game; "Project Beach House."

This was originally gonna be my first game, but since I wanted to make it perfect I waited for 5 years, honing my skills and making other games.  Now's the time!

I was inspired to make this because I started to dislike the way that modern western RPG's were becoming too combat centric.

To combat(ha ha) this, I designed an RPG around a highly intractable environment and a SCUMM interface, so the player options were always front and center.

This is only the pre-alpha, which I'm uploading because we need to start seeing interest in the project, otherwise dev may slow to an eventual halt. 

Please check out the game! Thank you for your time.

Hey everyone, 

I'd like to introduce Escape the Room,  a point-and-click horror game that means a lot to me. 

I made this as a method of getting out all of my ideas that were too "out there" for other projects. I bend the rules as to what's standard in a game, and try to keep it interesting.

A lot of what goes on here is based off my dreams and things I sense in the dark, as well as life lessons and philosophy. 

The game now has a save feature, so let me know what you think of it!

Another game-breaking bug in the "humanworld" room has been reported.

Until the bug is fixed, refrain from using multiple berries on the fallen red man, as not to trigger it. Expect a v3 tomorrow.

Stan2016, you are an ABSOLUTE LEGEND. I'll stomp this bug right away.

Thanks heyimandrew!

I'll look into it right away. Is there any more info you can give?