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Lol, thx xD

Yay, thx^^

U r first person who passed all lvls lol

R u happy when we all r sad?. 

Why?  We MUST all be sad¡

F - Flying

U - Universal

N - Nasway

I am not glad that u don't think u should answer my previous question 

I do think u should answer that, 

Ur right, and ur not superintelligent A.I.,r u? 

In fact am not a super intelligent A.I. neither

Same vro

Tenks xD

(1 edit)

I tried to play website-unity game on my phone xD

Highscore: 2 xd

Still cool 🐢

Yey, thenks :D

Don't laugh too much, I don't want u to become immortal d:

Jackseptithronprod is proud

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I wanted this game be played on website without downloading, but I'm still noob for it ;_;

Omq, clickbait, but still thx xD

beep beep

Amazing graphics :0

dis broke my 4th wall :0

Next time butter.


Check out ma game again:

Next time BESTEST

The bestest death animation :0

Nu, jovs ded, mei see w reel eyez

Bestest of bestests 😱


10h version of yee

2 ez 4 me