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Hey pal!

The game is currently built around dialogue and how transition changes the way others treat you - try talking to some characters after filling up the hormone tree! Depending on which way you transition some characters will say different things, some might not even talk to you at all.

this was a very quick game as well as my first game so ultimately, there isnt much to the game beyond exploration and dialogue - i think when we come back to it in a few months we will update it to have more content, including more areas, more characters and maybe a new system which will give the game a more clear direction.

Thanks for letting us know about these issues with the UI and the colours! i will have to look into these asap!

- lowered volume of steps

- fixed some areas which let the player go off the map

- fixed a few character interactions

I figured that was it but it can also go pink on startup and that is also rectified by pressing Crtl+1

Also slight bug on my end I'm sure but I can't get sound to come out when I play music... I haven't troubleshoote that much tho

ctrl 1 also fixes the program when it goes to a pink screen at random - which seems to be happening allot for me. but it will return it to the task it was doing prior to bugging