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thanks for the kind words!


thanks so much!!

I don’t normally like electronic soundtracks, but this was really nice to listen to! it really sells the game idea well! nice work!

City in the Clouds is so clean and nice! really feels like an opening track or a calm title screen.

I like how Storm Clouds starts out kinda calm, but tense, and then evolves into something kinda epic sounding! really fitting of this game’s idea!

really nice job!

Very Clean and nice!! I loved the live instruments in the first track, really gives a sense of liveliness to it! the flute throughout is really nice as well! great job on this

I love this a lot! each track is pretty complex without having too much going on! loved the town and shop themes, and the ending is really nice too, having callbacks to the main theme!

thanks so much!

wow, thanks so much for the extremely detailed rating and the kind words! as for some things being lacking in melodic variety, I noticed that a day before the deadline, and didn’t really have time to fix them with stuff in life going on. I will update the ost later with some changes regarding that after the rating period is over!

ooh interesting

that’s cause it’s a free asset as far as I know

thank you so much! I do plan on continuing this project after the rating period is over, so hopefully it’ll be a more complete release

this is a fantastic amount of polish here, but the RNG might be a little too unforgiving. I got stuck almost every time I played lol.

though, it’s probably a skill issue on my part

don’t be! I make the same mistake all the time xD

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it’s not broken, it’s mostly unfinished. I said that in the game’s description. also, the game’s description also shows the controls. for the web player, i’ts left and right arrow keys to move, and x to shoot iirc. for the NES rom itself, it’s left and right dpad, and A to shoot

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I apologize for bailing, but I've already been contacted by someone else. good luck though!

kind of late, but I don't think so. and humble bumble purchases are non transferrable unfortunately

this is the best game that has ever been a game!

thanks! I had a lot of trouble with the 3D aspect since this was my first 3D game, but it makes my day to hear that it's a good game.

Thanks! that was my main priority, and I think it shows.

Thanks! yeah, I do know about the missing collision. I unfortunately didn't have time to do any theming, or collision other than enemies.

creating collisions for blender models is a bit tough tbh

no problem. I enjoyed the gameplay. also thanks for the info for the OnPointerEnter/Exit events! I'll definitely use it in my next game. heck, I might even update my other jam game. 

definitely. it was still a really interesting concept though.

visuals were amazing, gameplay was even better. there were no dice, but I did like the randomness of how much HP you got and how many ammo you got. that was a nice touch. as soon as I got close to the enemies, I died though. even when I didn't collide with them. all in all, this was amazingly impressive. Nice job!

very fun, but very random. I mean, most of the levels were extremely hard.

Good use of the theme, as well as presentation. I absolutely loved the menu. How do you scale a button up like that on hover in unity?

Nice game. I think having a fast forward button would help, but otherwise, it was super fun!

amazing graphics, but had a hard time figuring out what to do. nice project still, would love to see it worked on after the jam. add a tutorial, maybe don't add so much blurring to the area. otherwise, player movement felt good, design is amazing, and it's very impressive.

the player movement was very stiff, it felt like I couldn't control it at all. other than that though, neat concept! excited to see what you make of it in the future!

It's pretty annoying, but it's an interesting concept. I'd be interested in seeing what you make of this after the jam!

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hm... I'll think of something. It was originally supposed to be a chess board as the play area, but I didn't have time as I started late.

yeah, sorry bout that. that was the only idea I could come up with in an hour, while still having about an hour to actually get the game done.

the breaking reality theme is shown in the tutorial, where the narrator tells the player" if you play it enough, the creator might make a full game, wait, what?"

and the telephone, I could only reference in the beginning of the tutorial by having the narrator say ring ring.

I don't think there's a problem with that. not sure though.