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This game was absolutely adorable in every way. The style alone caught my eye from moment one!

The pixelated, but also soft style really makes it different than most games I played.

Being the owner of 6 dogs, this game is the perfect game for me. That way, when I'm making videos, I'm still petting dogs. <3 

Of course I have to throw in my two cents before shamefully linking my gameplay.

I absolutely adore pixel horror games because they're really nostalgic to me. 

Imscared was the original pixel horror game that I found myself playing all the time, but this game gave me vibes back to the originals and it's super impressive. 

Alright, let's do pros and cons! 

Pros: Super tense and kept me on edge, never got stuck anywhere, super impressive detailing and level design when it comes to progressing. 

Cons: Too short, very few great scares, sounds got super repetitive. 

Created a new topic This game is hilarious.

This game is absolutely hilarious. The physics are hilariously loose and the tracks are awesome. I can't wait to play this with my brothers, because it'll be one of those games where we can't stop laughing. My viewers absolutely loved it, too! Keep up the work, and I can't wait to see more from you. 

I notice a lot of comments that simply plug their channels and post. I don't exactly agree with that, though I am technically plugging my channel.

I loved the game! The atmosphere was spot on and the ambiance really pulled me into the game, almost the same as Outlast or Amnesia. The map was gorgeous and the animations were fantastic. I was made to panic when the lighting changed, or certain events happened (won't say what, don't want to spoil it for others.) I have a small issue to add though. In the house at the base of the staircase, there's a bit of a lighting issue. The lighting is too harsh and my game lagged like crazy (my PC can handle 98% of games at max settings, so this was odd to me.)

Loved the game, hope to see a lot more in the future!

Made a video on your game because I thought it'd be a silly concept, had more fun than I expected.

This game was incredible. The maps were really comfortably made, nothing ever felt out of place. The writing is adorable and I love the story. I can't wait to see more from you!

Here's my playlist (three parts) of the series. Again I say, thank you for making this!

This game was absolutely fantastic! The visuals are so simplistic but beautiful. The physics make me panic when he starts to tip over and I get horrified I'm gonna drop it. It was really frustrating, yes, but I think that's a good thing.

I. Love. This. Effing. Game.

This game was absolutely insane! I love the story and character development so much, I'm learning more about the characters but through the most odd means and I love it.

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This game is unbelievably high up there when it comes to potential! I expect a lot from you, my friend!

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Too much fun.

Made a video on it!