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Hi, I've sent a message to your Discord! Is the position still open?

looks nice :) I do sfx and music, if you want I can make music for the game if you like :D

Hi, I'm Giulkau, a composer from Italy. I have a degree in Electronic Music, but I've worked with a lot of different styles.

Here's some music I've worked on:

I've recently started, but no person I've worked with was left unsatisfied. And I love making cool music for cool games.

I can work for free for small projects, I'm open to any discussion.


Hi! looks like a very cool project! Do you need stuff like music or sound effects? I'd love to contribute to it :)

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sure! whenever you need, just ask

Hey man, thanks for the follow. I make music and sfx for a living, would you like some?

Hi, the game looks cool! I make music and sound fx for work, do you need some?

Hey! I saw your game on 9gag, it looks cool! if you want some I can make some music or sfx

Looks like a great game! If you want some music or sound fx for it just ask ;)

no problem! if you need someone just ask :D

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Hi, at the moment I'm not home so I can only give you some links of projects I've worked on (not all but let's keep it short)

here's a link to my soundcloud page; it has a variety of pieces that I uploaded, so you can have an idea

For the prices I usually work them out project by project. With the last one I've worked on we agreed on 35 euros per minute of music made (it can change though)

The only thing I can say for feedbacks is everyone was satisfied of the final product in the end :)

Looks like a cool game! if you need music or sound fx for the game I'd be glad to help :)

I like the artstyle! if you're interested I can make music or sound fx for the game :)

I don't know about "improve", but if you want music or sound fx I'd be glad to help :)

Looks very interesting! If you want I can write some music or do some of the sound fx ;)

The trailer is really cool! If you want help with music or sounds I can give a hand ;)

I saw some videos and this game looks cool! If you want I can write some music or do some audio fx, if you're interested

Cool! In case my main occupation is composing and sound design, so in case you need some sound fx just ask ;)

The game looks cute as hell (in the good way)!!! I really like good platformers, if you want I can write some music for you, if you're interested ;)

This game looks really good!!! I love horror games, if you want I can write some music for it, if you're interested ;)

The game looks cool!!! If you want I can write some music for you, if you're interested ;)