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I play this game multiple times a day, it's INCREDIBLE. Is there any chance you're thinking of adding some sort of "sandbox" mode where you can just make your own islands to see how many points they would get? It'd be rather pointless, but super fun to play around with.

I'm at 4:02.65 for 100% - it's super fun to speedrun!

Super fun game! Sound effects would have been great, and being able to attack the zookeepers back would have been awesome, but the destruction ability and controls are super satisfying! Great job!

I'd appreciate it if you check out my game, Pandamonium, too! (I know it's the last day of the jam, though, ahaha)

Pretty nice game! The idea is really cute, and the artstyle and voice acting match really well! Completing the tasks felt super fun - worked out really well!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game as well!

Pretty nice game! I like the sound effects, and it controls well (especially for something made in scratch - that's impressive!)

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game, Pandamonium, as well!

This is a pretty nice game! The look is absolutely fantastic, and the controls and gameplay loop are solid! Sound effects and a little more general polish would have been nice, though.

I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game, Pandamonium, too!

I really enjoyed this game! I thought the art was beautiful, and the music and sounds fit really well! I'd say that the use of the 'chaos' theme wasn't that in-depth, but it definitely served it's purpose! I think that making the orbs sometimes bounce off of walls into the player to give an illusion of more randomness could put the game up another step! Overall, excellent job!

I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game, Pandamonium, as well!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

This was pretty dang fun! I love how all of the mechanics tied directly back to speed! Music was fantastic, art worked well, and it generally worked! Some sound effects would have been nice, but it's a jam and thats typically the last concern ahaha! Fantastic job!

I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game, Pandamonium!

Fun experience! I really like the general concept, and the controls and lighting are great! I do think that the music could fit a little better, it just feels a little... calm, which kind of hinders the otherwise chaotic atmosphere. Excellent job though! 

Thanks so much for playing!

Ahaha I can't wait to check out your interpretation of pandamonium (: 

And hey, they say great minds think alike!

Thanks so much!

Ah, amazing! Didn't see that but glad it was there!

This game is utterly fantastic for a jam experience! The random abilities are awesome, music and sounds fit really well, and it controls fantastically! The white outline on interactable objects was a wonderful touch. Amazing job!

I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game, too!


This was a hilarious experience! I love the roomba concept, and the tutorial is really well organized! I wish the voice over sounded a little more natural (I know it was text to speech, but still it could have been nice to have a text box accompanying it to make it a little nicer), and that when you try to play again you didn't have to redo the tutorial - because believe me, I was trying to play again pretty often (:

I'd love it if you checked out my game, Pandamonium!

I have to be completely honest. Going into this game, my exact reaction was "oh, another game jam platformer that's going to be... ok, and not really fit the theme." At first, I thought it was just that. Then I died on the first level, the text popped up, and when it reloaded I just kind went "woah". That was amazing! I love the chaos implementation, and the way that it closes the game at the end w alt f4 is so funny. Fantastic job!

I'd appreciate it if you could check out my game, Pandamonium!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out Pandamonium!

This game is beautiful, wow! I love the lighting effects. The music was nice and set the vibe, and the gameplay was pretty cool! I do wish that the dash recharged faster, because it felt a little like if you miss (especially in the beginning), you're just waiting for it to recharge and not doing anything. Loved the experience though!

It would be awesome if you checked out my game, Pandamonium, too!

I wish I could clap online lol - I love this idea! The powerups being applied to enemies kinda takes the meaning from powerups in a traditional sense, but the way that it ties into the chaos theme is brilliant. Art is awesome, gameplay is fun (though enemies take a bit longer than I'd like to die), and everything just works! I wish the music was a little bit more pump-y to fit the scifi ish aesthetic, but absolutely nothing major! Great job!

I'd appreciate it if you could check out Pandamonium, my submission!

This is nice! The camera control and aesthetic is so creative, I absolutely love it. It made figuring out which direction each arrow key would move the arrow a little tricky, but nothing that I couldn't get the hang of quickly. The second level in the house made me laugh, and destroying it was a blast. Great job!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game, Pandamonium!

This is a nice game! I absolutely love the options menu (THERE ARE NO OPTIONS - ONLY CHAOS), that made me laugh. The art style is cute, and I love the concept of turning a normally peaceful fishing game into a chaotic one. I think that theme could have been used a little more, and the music could have been a little more varied, but it was a fun time! Great job!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game, Pandamonium, as well!

Very fun! I think that the music could have been a little more varied or kept playing when you died, because the start and stop nature felt a little jarring at times, but the game itself was quite nice!

I like it! I think the theme could have been used a little bit more conceptually, but the game was still really fun to just chill with and go through the levels! I especially liked the music based ones. Great job!

Thanks so much!

Ahaha thank you so much for playing regardless!

This was a pretty dang fun game! I really liked the rum-collection idea, it tied nicely into the theme. However, there were some issues with how you couldn't attack in the air, which left some levels unfinishable if you did some small things wrong. Also, the various sprites look like they're slightly different art styles, which was a little bit jarring at times. Regardless, the game plays quite well - great job!

This was pretty dang fun! I loved all of the creative insults and everything, and the scene transitions were particularly nice! More levels would have been great (though I saw in the instructions you meant to add more), but it's a jam game so obviously I can't hold that against the game! Visuals could have used a little bit of polish, and some damage indicator text or sign when you mispronounce a word would have been nice (right now, it kinda feels like you always get them right, even though on closer examination you can see damage go down every once in a while). Regardless, this was *really* fun to play - excellently done!

Glad you liked it! With the ship, you can hold the up arrow/w to move faster and down arrow / s to move slower, which could help with that. I didn't have time to make a tutorial as I'd hoped ahaha! Thanks so much for playing!

First of all this was a really cool take on the theme! I really enjoyed the aesthetic (the pause menu especially was awesome), and the sounds and text and everything worked well. I do just wish that it had a little bit more 'game-y'ness, as it just kind of feels like a means to tell a story, but not a story thats *particularly* exciting to do, as for me it was just decompile, mod, compile, message, decompile, mod, compile, message, over and over. Regardless though, I had a pretty fun time moving through the story! Very well done!

This was a cool experience! I'm not a big fan of the artstyle, but I definitely can't say it wasn't done very well for what it is! The switch mechanic works well, and the digging, though a bit unresponsive at times, makes hunting for x's pretty dang satisfying. It was a bit annoying to have to find shovels around instead of just exploring the level, but I can see how that may have been a necessary mechanic. Great job!

This was an awesome take on the theme! The little story is so much fun to go through! It could have used some music and a few extra screens might've been nice, but for a quick jam game this was quite fun! Great job!

Thanks so much for playing!

Fun game! Music could've used some variety, and sound effects would have been nice, but the theme usage and general concept were awesome! Maybe making it a little bit harder (more damage done to the player) would have balanced it a bit more, but it was still fun to work my way through the levels! Great job!

I'll play yours now!

Ya know, I always say that it's not a complete game jam until theres a golf game - and this is a pretty damn good golf game! Great job! I'd appreciate it if you checked my game out as well!

Very fun game! The no-jumping mechanic was super creative and worked really well! Great music, visuals and everything! I especially liked the "Filler Room," that really made me laugh! I'd appreciate it if you checked my game out as well!