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This was a pretty dang fun game! I really liked the rum-collection idea, it tied nicely into the theme. However, there were some issues with how you couldn't attack in the air, which left some levels unfinishable if you did some small things wrong. Also, the various sprites look like they're slightly different art styles, which was a little bit jarring at times. Regardless, the game plays quite well - great job!

This was pretty dang fun! I loved all of the creative insults and everything, and the scene transitions were particularly nice! More levels would have been great (though I saw in the instructions you meant to add more), but it's a jam game so obviously I can't hold that against the game! Visuals could have used a little bit of polish, and some damage indicator text or sign when you mispronounce a word would have been nice (right now, it kinda feels like you always get them right, even though on closer examination you can see damage go down every once in a while). Regardless, this was *really* fun to play - excellently done!

Glad you liked it! With the ship, you can hold the up arrow/w to move faster and down arrow / s to move slower, which could help with that. I didn't have time to make a tutorial as I'd hoped ahaha! Thanks so much for playing!

First of all this was a really cool take on the theme! I really enjoyed the aesthetic (the pause menu especially was awesome), and the sounds and text and everything worked well. I do just wish that it had a little bit more 'game-y'ness, as it just kind of feels like a means to tell a story, but not a story thats *particularly* exciting to do, as for me it was just decompile, mod, compile, message, decompile, mod, compile, message, over and over. Regardless though, I had a pretty fun time moving through the story! Very well done!

This was a pretty fun cycling game, but it doesn't really have any connection to the theme (I know it does in the description, but still). Regardless, it was a pretty fun Happy Wheels-type game, and other than sound effects and an endscreen I can't say there were many qualms except for the gameplay being a bit simple. Good job!

This was a cool experience! I'm not a big fan of the artstyle, but I definitely can't say it wasn't done very well for what it is! The switch mechanic works well, and the digging, though a bit unresponsive at times, makes hunting for x's pretty dang satisfying. It was a bit annoying to have to find shovels around instead of just exploring the level, but I can see how that may have been a necessary mechanic. Great job!

This was an awesome take on the theme! The little story is so much fun to go through! It could have used some music and a few extra screens might've been nice, but for a quick jam game this was quite fun! Great job!

Thanks so much for playing!

Fun game! Music could've used some variety, and sound effects would have been nice, but the theme usage and general concept were awesome! Maybe making it a little bit harder (more damage done to the player) would have balanced it a bit more, but it was still fun to work my way through the levels! Great job!

I'll play yours now!

Ya know, I always say that it's not a complete game jam until theres a golf game - and this is a pretty damn good golf game! Great job! I'd appreciate it if you checked my game out as well!

Very fun game! The no-jumping mechanic was super creative and worked really well! Great music, visuals and everything! I especially liked the "Filler Room," that really made me laugh! I'd appreciate it if you checked my game out as well!

Pretty fun experience! The concept definitely has a lot of meaning story-wise, visuals are nice, and the tutorial served (though it was a lot of text) well. It would have been nice to have particles here or there and maybe some sound effects, but this was a very well put-together game! Fantastic job!

Don't be sorry - that was fantastic! I'd really appreciate it if you played my game too!

Also, we're both 15 year old developers, and I find that pretty cool ahaha!

Awesome, awesome game! The mechanics and level design are fantastic! Very well polished, and the level names / text are the most entertaining thing I've seen ahaha! I especially love the one where it says "waiting is bad," and as soon as I processed that it said that spikes popped up from the ground lmao!!! Fantastic job and best regards from another 15 year old developer, Charlie!

Thanks so much for playing! I'll go through yours now!

First off - best sound design in the jam. Only audio thing I can even remotely nitpick is the music being a little bit too major-y (happy) for a game that felt like the music should a bit more sneaky. Level design was on point, visuals worked pretty dang well, and everything just kinda fit together! Sometimes, it felt like the sight cones were a little bit longer than it showed, but it never really got in the way of my gameplay. Amazing job! I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game as well!

I'll go through yours right now! I'd appreciate it if you'd play and rate mine!

Glad you liked it! I'll certainly check yours out!

Very fun! I've seen the theme usage elsewhere, but I really did enjoy this one the best out of the games that used the theme in this way. The controls, music, and everything were great, and other than the fact that there were some rooms where it felt like you HAD to lose health (not enough health drops to have a net positive), this was an all around great experience! Nicely done!

Thanks so much for playing! I'll play yours right now!

Haven't yet! I'll check it out - don't forget to play and rate mine as well!

This is a pretty nice lil shooter! The aiming feels great, and movement is well done, albeit a bit slow at times! The timer is a *great* inclusion, because it makes me feel like I should be running and jumping all over the place as fast as possible, which is a great feeling when you know coming to a stop will slow you down considerably. Great job!

Thanks for playing!

Don't worry about it! I'll rate yours in just a bit, and I'd appreciate it if you checked out mine!

This is a very nice experience! Great idea with the theme! Sound effects and music are great, movement fits well, shooting feels shockingly responsive, power ups are creative, and the implementation of bartering with the demon feels great! I'd just try to cut down on text a little bit and maybe make the health a little bit less, as my first round was *really* just long, and this kind of gameplay I personally feel works best in 20-30 second bursts. Fantastic job!

I'll check it out right now! Don't forget to play mine when you get the chance!

Of course! I'd appreciate it if you could check my game out as well!

Thanks so much, so glad you liked it! And yeah, that ability was slightly glitchy at times, I'll likely work on that!!

Thanks so much!

That's fair! Thanks so much for the criticism, that's how improvements happen!

Awesome thanks!

I loved the whole vibe of a duck castle (or dungeon, per the title), and Bernard the snail is an amazing creature! I love the voice acting! The little jump noises, hurt noises, and "oh yeah"s are fantastic and really make the game more than the sum of it's parts. Fantastic job!

Fantastic game! Thanks for checking mine out!

This is one that I'm really glad I downloaded, because I'm gonna play this ALL THE TIME!! The artstyle is UNBELIEVABLY good, and the music goes well with it (though I think more intense music might've matched the gameplay more). The sound effect for when a tower wilts might be my favorite sound effect in the jam, gotta say. I would've liked a message when I click continue and have too many towers selected, as that happened a few times and I was confused (I got the message once, but not every other time). Regardless, this is an AWESOME game - you should be proud! It's a shame it hasn't been rated as much as it deserves! I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game as well!

The answer would appear to be yes, a duck can!! This was really fun! It might've been interesting to say that the player only has one bullet, and had to lure the zombies into it, but you can already play that way (as I chose to), and this was a great way of going about it as well! Sounds and music would have been appreciated, but hey, it's a jam! Fantastic job! I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game as well!

So glad you liked it!


Some sound effects and music would have been appreciated, but other than that WOAH! This game is really awesome! I greatly enjoyed the look of it, with the mountains and everything, and the people walking along it gave a great sense of feeling. It was easy to tell who was a zombie and who wasn't, and then it just came to the task of killing them, which, ya know, wouldn't be my solution of choice to a virus but hey, space cannons are cool ahaha! Fantastic job!