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This is a really interesting idea and really fits the theme well! Having all the enemies do menu options is interesting as a game mechanic, as the rewards and punishments for hitting enemies are really unique and sometimes quite funny when you accidentally send yourself back to menu or something.

The art style is really nice and the game feel is good (except when I hit a mute button haha)

The one problem is that it's a little too easy, there's a lot of waiting for enemies. and there doesn't seem to be much cause for moving around

great game! sorry the comment is short, wanted to get this in before time ends!

ty for the feedback! It would be nice to update it some more post-jam, but just trying to think of ways to improve it without moving too far away from the core concept.

ty for the feedback! Glad you liked it so much!

Unity's standard post processing stack, with AA, Ambient occlusion, motion blur, bloom, chromatic aberration, grain and a vignette

Its a pretty complicated topic and not something that can be learning by itself, it's more a combination of many things. It's generally just using similar artistic techniques and styles for everything, as well as everything kind of fitting a theme. And yes, a shared palette among things you wish to associate is one of those techniques for more cohesion.

There should be similar geometry among parts that want to be cohesive, similar palette, similar sizes, similar level of detail, etc.

In games, generally the first enemies will be introduced in an easy environment for the player to learn about them. Then every enemy henceforth is introduced in reference to that first. If a new enemy looks similar to something you saw before then it's assumed it will behave similar. If a new enemy is stronger maybe in terms of maybe health and attack, then it will usually be bigger, if an enemy is showing new geometry or color, then it is probably going to have new mechanics. If you see a new enemy like the ones previous, except this one has a really big spear, then the player will inherently think that this enemy is the same as the previous one in every way, except that it will use this spear.

You can break conventions, but you have to be really good at introducing these new conventions to players. Because there is a thing called game literacy, and subverting that will more often than not just unecessarily annoy players. Like if you make the left analog stick control the camera, or make up arrow on a controller equal to jump. These things break convention for no good reason and make a player relearn mechanics that they could've already know. And the same goes for art and sign posting.

For my game, I originally had more detailed sprites for the enemies, but the rest of the game was minimalist, so while I personally liked the sprites I made, they just didn't fit the game, and I ended up just making the enemies squares 

This is the kind of thing I've had to fit to, this minimalist style and also the pallette I chose. The enemies are grey because they couldn't be the same color as the player, they couldn't be allowed to blend into the background, and adding too much more color to the scene would've made it muddier, so they became grey.

But then also, the little indicators on my enemies don't fit the pallette that much, because I purposely want them to stand out as they are an important game mechanic, not just art.

The mechanics felt good and easy to control, the box spawning wasn't a bother at all, and felt good.

The art is pretty sparse, and the fire kinda looks out of place, but the simplicity works well for the game.

The tutorial is good, and I like how it's set up to be necessary if you don't know the game, but easily avoided if you do.

Could definitely do with more gimmicks in the future, as right now there's only really the fire and simply spawning the box, so puzzle options will be limited past a couple levels.

I liked it!

Did you read the controls on the main game page?

It's definitely lacking animations.

But it's also lacking an overarching theme, and artistic style. The pieces just don't seem to fit together and make a cohesive whole.

The sprites feel like sprites in a game, they don't feel like creatures that fit into a world.

The music is very good for it, very tense! and the sound effects fit it very nicely and communicate the game mechanics well!

The graphics are also simple but quite nice! brings focus towards the gameplay!

The gameplay is quite challenging, and while I started to get better at managing things as I played, I think it may still be a bit unbalanced. It seems almost impossible to grow lots of trees while also putting out the fires.

It could also benefit from a tutorial as the mechanics take a little bit to figure out.

Good game though! I had fun playing it!

The art is really quite lacking, there's no real theme, and the SFX are sub par.

The gun didn't point in the direction of my cursor which made the gun kind of hard to control.

Shoot to move means when I try to shoot enemies I just fly away from them and can't see them, then they shoot me from off screen which isn't too fun. The only reasonable strategy was to just sit in a corner and shot enemies that come near.

The enemies were just complete bullet sponges, you shoot them a tonne and they just never die, and there's no interesting mechanic to make them better, just point the gun at the enemy and hope it dies before it slowly walks towards you.

you put screen shake on the gun, but it still lacks juice because the sound effect is really not good and there are no good visual effects to go with it.

My score also never went down after I died, which doesn't really make sense.

The player seems to have an invincibility timer after being hit, but there's no indication of when they can or cannot be hit, the player should flash or something when they are invincible.

Keep at it! this will be a good learning experience, and you can improve for next time!

Since there is a flashlight mechanic, I'd suggest maybe removing the circle of light around the player or at least make it smaller, it would make the game more tense as you have to check behind you all the time.

The gun is also really piddly like a pea shooter, it's lacking game feel.

I wasn't entirely sure how the mechanics with ammo worked either, I just shot enemies and sometimes ammo comes back, idk. 

The enemies are also really easy to kill, I had a horde of like 10-15 at one point, and killed them easily. The boss is a challenge, but he's just a bullet sponge, nothing really special about it it seems.

 the atmosphere of the setting was nice though and fit the theme well!

it has some potentially mechanics here, you just really need to add some juice to the game.

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thanks! working on a tutorial/practice level for the next update!

The art is really good! and the gameplay is simple but a bit of a challenge

it would've been nice to have some sort of timer, because I was never really sure how well I was doing with respect to lasting 12 months. And a reset button was definitely needed.

Very nice, simple game though!

The wall climbing mechanic was pretty hit or miss, and I had to wrestle with it a lot. And that red animal was really annoying to try and beat, especially when there were no checkpoints and you had to spend a lot of time getting back there again.

Art style was nice though!

Glad to hear that the lines were of some use at least! Yes, I will probably add a tutorial in a later update, thank you for the feedback!

I'm about to get to work on it now, hoping the new unity version won't break it. I'll put an update on this page when I have a new build!

Yes, it's true the controls are a little hard to learn, thank you for the feedback!

Yes, sorry, had no time for any sort of tutorial level, hope you had fun!

Thank you! Yes, it would've been nice to put some sort of tutorial level in to get used to the controls

I really like the aesthetic, and the star effect is really cool!

took me a little while to figure out that you absorb bullets by taking damage, but I figured it out eventually!

The gameplay is really tight and good to control, and the balance between ammo and health makes it a challenge, I like it!

I like the aesthetic and the mechanics are very interesting! the puzzles are designed well to fit the mechanics, the only problem is the ball is a little hard to aim sometimes.

Yes, there are some bugs with the hit detection that I unfortunately was unable to fix in time.

And yes, I tried to design the level to be optimal for these mechanics but couldn't get it perfect, thank you for the feedback!

Yes, I've noticed that, but unfortunately I didn't get enough time to fix all of the quirks, thanks for the feedback!

The character looks like a backwards duck, not a slime

Really nice game though! the aesthetic is really nice, the SFX really fit, and the music is simple but suits the type of game. The game itself is quite difficult but also well designed and doesn't feel like fake difficulty, so makes it quite fun and makes you want to go back again for one more try.

Fun game, and I really like the combo system, it's really satisfying.

The only problem is that the platforms seem to get in the way a lot, and I found the best strategy was to just stand in one spot and shoot enemies, because you can easily shoot 1 enemy per second that way and rack up combos.

Besides that though, the art style is really nice and works well, and the music also fits the theme quite well! good game!

cool game! random level generation in a game jam is really cool, the mechanic works well and the visual style is really nice!

only a couple of problems, the sword SFX glitch out when you put it against a wall, and the game feel when hitting enemies is maybe a little lacking, but otherwise a really nice little game!

The rockets for platforms idea is pretty cool, and the sound effect for pausing them feels really nice. Only problem is that a few times I could get past obstacles with 0 platforms by just rocket jumping.

Also you should probably round your health to an int, my health was at 4 decimal places at one point

Overall fun little game with a cool mechanic!

Great game!

The art is really creepy and great, and the music also fits the theme really well!

The game play is really fun and responsive, and the difficulty ramps up nicely

definitely want to play more of this, awesome game!

The feel of the sword isn't very good, it needs a better animation and some sound FX, the game needs sound effects in general.

The art style is quite nice though, and consistent throughout so it looks quite good!

The boss designs are also nice, though they're a little easy, they have interesting mechanics!

The puzzles are quite hard but well made!

The style is good and consistent throughout, look quite nice!

the music fits it well, and although seems to loop a lot it didn't get annoying while I played it

One thing that I wish I saw in there was that if I tap up, then the character should keep aiming the bat up until another key is pressed. Instead of only aiming up when holding up. Would make those jumping up hits less tedious.

the feel of hitting the balls with the bat is quite nice. thought!

Over all, quite the nice game!

The sprites are great, a good and consistent style!

the death mechanic is pretty good, being on the bottom of the screen makes it easier to get back to life, but being on the top of the screen makes it easier to get ghosts. Not sure if that was intentional design, but it is well designed nonetheless!

The feel of the bow is really nice, and shooting it is quite satisfying, though it could maybe do with being a bit less floaty.

great game!

The SFX are quite nice they really work well to convey the feel, and the little screen shake works well too!

The sprites could use a little work though, they don't seem to have much of a style. They're quite functional, but not too pretty.

I like the overall idea of the game, and having to balance between having vision and having ammo is good, but I feel like 5 minutes might be too long, and a timer there to tell you how long is left would be very nice.

I like it! the feel of the hammer is quite nice! would be nice to have a mid-air slam attack though, it just feels like it should be there, and would make you able to kill enemies from the air instead of falling on them and taking damage.

would be cool to see more levels with more advanced puzzles!

The upgrade system really ties this together!

The dual (rather triple) purpose mechanic of the currency really ads to your game instead of taking away from it like a lot of entries. The upgrade system means there's a gamble when trying to decide between health and gaining power.  It furthermore incentivizes the player focus much more on aiming properly to avoid going low on health, and to have currency left over for upgrades.

The Aesthetic is also simple but nice! I think a good word for it would be 'sterile' but it definitely works for the game and you stick to it consistently. The only thing is that the currency can sometimes be hard to see when there's a lot on  the screen, so it might be better to be a little more visible, whether that be making it slight bigger or slightly more contrasting with the background white color.


The walls can be "sticky" in a sense that once you touch them you can't move along them, and I got completely stuck and unable to get out a couple times. But I know how much of a bitch collisions can be especially under time constraints.


The theme music is way too loud

There's nothing deincentivising me from just waiting for blocks of the same color for a super stable tower.

Overall though, fun game and the mechanics are tight and work well!

One of my favorite games so far! though it may have benefited from having the view zoomed out some more

quite fun! and the levels were designed quite well! not sure if the floaty controls were to the benefit of the game though, found myself wrestling with them quite a bit.

Thank you! yes, I didn't have much of a clue how nor the time to make a great level for these mechanics, but I thought it worked fairly ok!

Saw this being posted around during the making time, but couldn't get the file to work unfortunately