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This is a very charming title, we have the same taste in memes too which is a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. I was able to get to level 8 without skipping ahead, quite nice and well designed title with hilarious SFX. One suggestion- perhaps the restart should automatically trigger after the fail animation- doing this can improve the flow a bit. Having the "R" for in-game is invaluable but having to press it after death made me sad. Anyway great work- love the art style, animation and game concept- esp the 3D/2D hybrid- bet it would do well as a mobile app. <3 

thx you for playing- :)

:) thx you for playing 

thanks for that insight!

ah this is fun, really enjoy the animations, simple colours and the game over screeen is amazing. thanks for making this. 

I played this longer than any other game during the jam, really impressive and simple concept. quite the experience, truly enjoyed. 

Love that little toilet paper face 

I know the music was pre-existing but it REALLY works well with the game you've built. This reminds me a bit of the 3D sections of Sonic but more whacky and with vertical maps. I wish there was more ramping of difficulty with each new thing being introduced. But in general this is a very snappy and fun game mechanic- curious to see how far this could be pushed in terms of polish. I almost felt like I was controlling a pinball within a malfunctioning pinball machine, so maybe other levels could be re-skinned if you continue to develop this. overall good stuff! 

! :D thanks for that, appreciate you taking the time to play it 

it was cool to set stuff on fire, thankfully I never had to worry about about setting things on fire in real life. so it was fun to play and imagine what it would be like for me. nice and safe for me 

cool concept, love seeing those little aliens, always liked an alien

I got the end and got the carrot, my score was 7 hits, I was so happy I told my friend I was good at this game. WE BOTH like bunnies.

that is a great idea, thanks for sharing your opinion would love to incorporate that idea. 

great score! :D thx u for playing 

I had a tough time with the bottom right  corner on the first map- really cool idea though and loved the controls 

this game is adorable, the stab animation moment is very dramatic and I love that part. 

oh wow- good investigation! didn't realize! 

I've ALWAYS loved a good idle tapper game, especially when money is raining from the sky. The theme is maybe money from the sky that is out of control? 

thx u wumblo! u rock!

haha- great score!!

CONGRATS ! you made a MAD playable game! 

the perspective reminded me of animal crossing- cool stuff, maybe it can go faster?

I'm big into frogs! 

reminds me of controlling characters while playing Star Craft via the mini map and just sending them too their doom lol. love the bunnies! 

love the  art style! 

Love that bad baby! 

cool music and art! i had some trouble with the mechanic at first but eventually figured it out- feel like if the first level was smaller and zoomed in a bit more, it could be a snappier and juicer experience to get players hooked on the mechanic. 

Cool art style, love the neon look and feel 

Cool art!

I had a hard time getting the fire to show, I just build allot of houses. not sure why it didn't work for me like it did in those GIFS. otherwise love the SFX and art style! good stuff

love the idea of a single screen game, music was familiar, love the art style, love how the start button joined in on the fun, love fun stuff. good job 

i like this game, interesting POV. I fell through the floor in level 2 and ended up in level 1 lol. i like the ball shape allot can you put a face on it? otherwise this is great, <3 

cute music and art! love the idea of including beer (I don't think any more though) but a tavern is such a great place to have a game or story, reminds me of the hobbit. 

i love his face

I didn't do that well in the game but I love the concept and would love to play with a controller! 

I love puppies! good stuff! 

after awhile it could be cool if the controls keep changing, in general i love the concept and character art!

aside from looking great, this is actually a FUNNY game, its super serious and just super playable. great work- love to see more from you. 

I love puppies