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Nice graphics, music and movement! 

Was that a beard on Raseya? 

Interesting choice of keys. I like the music.

Very Nice snow!

Nice, I have big footsteps to follow in the future.

Nice 3 hours! Some reason I couldn't click on everything.

I just started shooting them all! Nice work! Sound, animation, music , excellent game!

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Love the art style; concept and playing this one. 

Thank you for playing! My wife and I love adult swim and that is apart of our motivation.

I can in the future add volume controls to the GDX Engine Screen play API allowing their to be a slider. The game play menu allows you to change the volume already in a highly custom way! Ambient, the hands, SFX and music controls. Though this  does not effect the splash screen.

Great idea about the new round! My wife was puzzled and was telling me the same thing how do i start a round?

Awesome! Simple and cute.

Looks nice. Will use them one day maybe. Bought them but see no textual directions. Would be good to know whats what on each sheets.

Yea this is awesome! Nice work!