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Craig Tinney

A member registered Mar 20, 2016 · View creator page →


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Uploading a fixed version now, cheers for the heads up!

Yes, I'll be more than happy to update builds with actual working copies as soon as I can. I'm away for this weekend but will make sure fixes are up on Monday :) 

Cheers man, nice website you got going here :)

[I wish I could reply to comments here, but I suppose this'll have to do]

Thanks very much, Sean! This jam has largely been experimental for me so it's good to hear about stuff that doesn't work so well and I do agree, the shooting doesn't 100% fit here due to the speed / screen size.

Your game looks rad as fuck by the way.

I hate to be 'that guy' but the particle effect used when you pick up the collectable at the start uses colours outside of the 4 in your palette due to the opacity levels.

I love how bouncy landing on enemies is though, fun stuff :).

Neat experience, and awesome to see this limited resolution + colour palette used to thematic effect too. The one downside of this is text can sometimes become difficult to read against such strong white colours, I found myself staring at a few ceilings trying to bits of text.

Otherwise, cool game!

Haven't had a chance to play this just yet, but it looks quite similar to Downwell...