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where the hell is this game there is only one more day of april

i,m not giving feed back dumb head

i,m here to say i download this game and it don,t let me play so you know what i think this game is just a god dang rip off so why don,t you make something thats not a rip off of minecraft and i,m going to E mail the devs of minecraft about this rip off

and plzzzz reply

JNI if you unban me i will not do a bad thing on itch.io

JNI can you plzzz unban me

this is a minecraft rip off so don,t play this if you have minecraft witch i do

top 5 guns i wanna see in this game

1 i would like to see the tompson gun in this game

2 i would also like the colt M1911 in this game

3 the M1897 trench gun be a great weapon

4 the AR 15 make a great gun for raven field

5 and also the MP 40 would be great for this game

thats all for weapons hope you people like my ideas

still wish you put more time into this game JNI will now it,s here rotting away

so JNI i downloaded this game and so far i like it to bad your not going to update this game but it,s good as it is and thanks for this game hope the game after ancient warfare 2 is just as amazing as this game

hey JNI will the skeleton from ancient warfare TD be added into ancient warfare 2

well JNI how long am i banned for

hey JNI way can,t i comment in ancient warfare 2

hey JNI did you just delay the next update the day before it comes out oh someday i,m going to uninstill ancient warfare 2 like oh my god if i was you i would never delay the updates >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( and go die in a hole you dumb ####

hey JNI will the next level bundle be all about ocean battles i hope so and it would be cool

hey JNI i have one thing to say to you my wi fi died on me and i had to move to a new house but now i have my wi fi back so now i can give feed back and can,t wait for update 5

thank god i got a steam card now i can get beta 6 :)

hey JNI is ancient warfare tower defense a new game your making or is it just a new game mode

yes i knew you would add it

(Edited 1 time)

hey JNI you sould make it in the costum battle thing where if you put your mouse over a unit it shows the units health sound like it might end up being in the game

man i can,t wait to see ocean battles they look like a lot of fun and now you put some sharks into the mix of the ocean battles and the ships look awesome and i hope there is at least 5 ships to use in the ocean like i seen one ship so far and i hope to see some big ships and i also wanna see a kraken added to this game

get out of my life it will be on itch.io

JNI i hade a blast playing the first level bundle and thanks for makeing this for us and removeig the campain was a great deal and keep up the great work hope the next level bundle is just as good as the first one and your game is starting to have some back story to it and hope the game can go on for a long time :)

i hope beta 6 is free on itch.io or gamejolt

crap i made that list for nothing

yes it is free

(Edited 1 time)

not really you can play as a unit and you can,t do that in tabs and in this game you can make castles and tabs can not do that and also a thing in this game tabs can,t do is that you can have game modes so they are not the same

hey steel raven will the next update you show on steam come to itch.io and gamejolt and i hope you reply

so here is a idea list

1 make it so you can play as a red unit like always being blue is boring

2 add bears like wolves but stronger and you can ride the bear

3 add a thing in the costom battle ware you can have your map with hills

so thats it for my list

redownload the game

thats sounds sweet

hey JNI how will ocean battles work like do you have to place a boat and move it some how to the bad guys and fight

i hope we get to play as a wolf

hey JNI can you make it so you can play as a wolf and i know it,s a silly idea but it might not end up being in the game for a long time or maybe it will be a thing in the upcoming updates

not even a elephant lol

(Edited 1 time)

hey JNI i think you need to buff the lords like they die easy to siege weapons and can also be easy to kill with pikes and all sorts of long weapons and also easy to kill with ranged weapons

this game needs a way to stop the poison

the new update is awesome i love the wolfs and the camels i also like the new traps and lord units and i even like the new siege weapons and thanks for making this new update and keep up the good work and this update needs a hotfix like now and hope the next update is a great one ;)

i can not wait for fantasy units

this game needs a way of healing like medics or food or med kits like might be good