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Could you not make the game download with APK? because I cannot download games that use that.

It will not fucking let me download it >:(

Hey junkbytes I think it would be cool if you added reload animations for the weapons.

Hey junkbytes here is a list of 10 weapons I think you should add to stick veterans.

1: Revolver.

2: Double Barrel Shotgun.

3: Burst Assault Rifle.

4: Grenade launcher.

5: Semi Auto Sniper.

6: Bolt Action Rifle.

7: Tommy Gun.

8: Light Machine Gun.

9: Ray Gun.

10: Melee Weapon???????????.

JUNKBYTES there is a stick veterans rip off on by Galaxis_Master, we most do something about this!!!

It's ok

Hey junkbytes can you add a setting that makes it how high the AI and the player can jump because I hate having my enemy jump all over the place when trying to kill them.

Thanks for the new update not much was added but I did like things like the new grenades and the body armor.


Hey junkbytes went is the next update? it has been a while sense you last updated this game.

@junkbytes can we host lan servers now or do we have to wait?

@junkbytes can you show me a list of things you want to add to the game

@junkbytes you should add armor pick ups that give you armor so you can take more damage before dying

@junkbytes you should make it so you can pick up the gun or ammo of dead bodys and maybe also be able to pick up there helmet if yours was shot off

@junkbytes can a you make a option to decrease the jump height because it,s hard to shoot them when they jump high into the air over and over again

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@junkbytes here are 10 game mode ideas you can add

1 king of the hill

2 domination

3 kill confirmed

4 juggernaut

5 gun game

6 zombies

7 search and destroy

8 drop zone

9 hard point

10 prop hunt

and those are all my ideas for game modes if you want to know more about these game modes heres a link to a wiki

Game Modes | Call of Duty Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

oh well at least you tried

@junbytes you should add a way battles mode where there is 3 teams (red) (blue) (green) and they are all fighting one another team so sounds awesome right?

@junkbytes here are 15 weapons i think you should add

1 you should add the USP (pistol)

2 you should add the desert eagle (pistol)

3 you should add the tec 9 (pistol)

4 you should add the mac 10 (sub machine gun)

5 you should add the UMP 45 (sub machine gun)

6 you should add the PP bizon (sub machine gun)

7 you should add the P90 (sub machine gun)

8 you should add the famas (assault rifle)

9 you should add the aug (assault rifle)

10 you should add the scar L (assault rifle)

11 you should add the tommy gun (sub machine gun)

12 you should add the double barrel shotgun (shotgun)

13 you should add the intervention (sniper)

14 you should add the M60 (light machine gun)

15 you should add the colt revolver (revolver)

@juckbytes you should add grenades

@juckbytes you should add the P90 because that is my favorite weapon in CS go

flame on!!!

heres a poll i made about guns