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Very well done !

Good psyco true ending....

Hi Banya. I completed the game. I advice you to lock the door in the piano room when the timer starts.

OK. It works. Thanks

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Sorry. Same problem. I was absolutely certain that the engine was rpg maker mv. I don' t know....this seems to be less compatible and stable. What do you think ?

I was wrong. It was not stuck. Animations/cutscenes are very slowed down. I waited a lot in some scene, but I managed to finish the game 

Not after the movement tutorial. Just after the girl woke up

Just after the intro. It stuck

I can't move

Ciao. Mancano diversi file img come quello dello zombie e della magia fuoco. Immagino che sia colpa della casella "escludi file non utilizzati", a quanto pare elimina anche file che vengono utilizzati. Meglio cancellarli manualmente dalla cartella del progetto

Thanks. At some point I lose Brad, but I don't know where. I reloaded a previous save; if I catch the area, I ll tell you

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic BUG 2

I took the jade ore for Bob but nothing happens. I speak with Sandra and she gave me again the quest: Glen's Exam.

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic BUG

If you have Mirel in your party and you choose to detain the little elf in fort Parverhill, you will find her both outside and inside

Credo...manchi il gioco XD

Ok, I finished the game with true ending. If you want to erase the potions dispenser, I suggest you to add at least 4 fast potions (I take the exactly number of potions that I badly use with the disciples). Another thing: your game is not visible when I try to find it, even if you write the exactly name on the search bar.

Thanks a lot

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At this point, there is another issue. I had to use all the fast potion against the first disciples and the last fast potion on a single hunter (where you have to place the glass on the table). Maybe you can add some fast potions and replacing some mana and health potions in some points? Maybe one or two? Your choise   

Another thing: I tried to beat the two hunters before the elder hunter without fast potion; it 's even possible? Do I have any chance?

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Unable to find:  Graphics/Faces/MC1   This error comes out in the south-west church's dorms, last room, when I interact with a drawer. Even if you try to leave the garden, same error; but it's avoidable. Good job this game is well done

I placed the 4 weights in the system considering the 23g that are already there in order to accumulate exactly 244g, but nothing happened. I took one weight 3 times, maybe is this the problem?

mEAT community · Created a new topic Missing img

Img/characters missing  once the lift is unlocked by the frog

Heavy stuttering on 2nd map at the beginning and mt Vulcan

Floor 3 upper hall, if you leave the old door (nasha room), Beatris disappears