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Ghost Meat

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Cool game! Loved the humor and style. It would be cool to see preset levels with set puzzles to solve.

Super cool game! I don't even know how I beat the last level but it was super satisfying. Really mind-bending stuff!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Really glad you liked it :)

Fantastic game! Cool to see such a unique spin on the classic asteroids kinda game.

Thanks for playing! 

Wow, this game is absolutely amazing! I played the first few levels and quit because it was hard, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and beat the whole thing! A level select would be awesome btw :)

Great video! Thanks for covering my game

I'm way happy to hear that! Thanks for playing my game :)

Thanks a ton! That’s a really cool video

Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

Awesome video! You guys are great

I really liked it! The whole style and vibe was really nice. The concept is great too and has a ton of potential. 

I can totally relate to how incredibly awkward it is to text strangers in dating apps XD. The game managed to be funny but also express something meaningful. Nice work!

I love the little bean guy! It's so cute :)

Amazing game! Just the idea of an art factory game itself is genius, and the execution is top-notch.  

Awesome game! The art style and vibe is really awesome. I was genuinely impressed by the puzzles design too. I suck at puzzle games so it was really hard, but I felt really smart when I'd figure it out :)

Thanks! I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

Thanks! Yeah, having a difficulty option would be really awesome, I’ll definitely test that out for future updates.

I finally finished Maki Beast, a project I've been working on for a while. It's a frantic and wacky rouge-like where you throw any object you can find on the ground at enemies (including other enemies!). I had a blast making it and I hope you enjoy it too!

I'm definitely interested in collaborating. I'm working on a rouge-like inspired by gungeon and nuclear throne. It's got a desert theme, so I'm looking for some bluesy rock music. If you're interested, my discord is Thomas Keys#7118. 

Sweet game!

Loved it! I absolutely loved the art style and the game feels really good to play.

You guys are freaking awesome! Still super hyped for release!

Amazing work! Can't wait for the full game.

Super awesome game! The high stakes made the last level feel like something strait out of Kaiji. Nice work man!

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Maki Beast is a procedural generated action game I made based on the American West and the art of Stacey Rozich (example). I had an absolute blast making it and I hope you enjoy!

Try it here!

Amazing game! Super cool idea and really well polished.

Well done! Level design and art were on another level!

Neat idea. The werewolf thing was a super cool twist.

Cool game. The last level was really interesting!

Super cool twist on "shoot-to-move"! Really enjoyed it.

Thanks! I’m really glad you like it. 

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Absolutely amazing! Probably my favorite I've played in the jam so far! You're games never cease to impress!

Thanks for the feedback, it’s really helpful. I’ll definitely fix that once the jam ends 

thanks! That means a lot :)

Super fun and original. Also really polished for just two days!

Awesome game! I loved the boss fights and the dash felt really good and juicy.

Amazing game! The comedy was spot on and the idea is just so good!

Really fun! The second I saw the name "Turtle Daddy" I had to try it out!