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What can I say? The storyline captured my attention along with the comic/cartoon scenes. The music added the proper atmosphere increasing the suspense. That (insert spoiler here) made me jump. I was not exactly ready but I was ready only because of the music leading up to it. I am trying not to include too many details from the game experience because of the spoilers, but I love this interactive horror game. I can't wait for the future episodes!

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The music was an absolute masterpiece! I loved the menu music in particular. The music in game was an addition to it mainly when we had to run to the next flare quickly. The challenge of certain puzzles were easy, but I think this game had a blend of differing difficulties. Most of the puzzles I figured out on my own, but I have to admit, if I start dying too many times, I cheat a little by seeing what others did and move on.  After hearing the background story in the form of a dramatized accident, I got the hint that I was in a coma and my life was in limbo somewhere in a strange dream.  The only thing I have to say is that sometimes there is a lag when I am turning around, but that's it. I don't see anything else left to work on to make this game better. Graphics and visuals are great, the puzzles differed in difficulty and intensity (another plus). As far as whether or not I could see myself playing this again? I don't see why not. Awesome job!

You forgot to include those who just can't stop buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer in excess.

This was actually pretty good! I never see these types of games as often where you have multiple choices to choose from in order to affect the outcome of the game. I got different endings so far. I got the true endings, both where the kid remains as a monster and where he was discovered as being another human disguised as a monster. I also got the more darker one where you kill him... >:D That ending literally calls you a monster. Note: I didn't intentionally want to kill him, I wanted to find out as many endings as possible. 

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It does need a bit more interaction with objects (letters or phrases hinting at certain aspects of the place). It seemed a bit slow moving around with no way to sprint or had any dialogue. As a standalone exploring horror game it was really neat. Just wished there was more to it (mini puzzles, dialogue of what the person we are controlling thinks of the surroundings, etc.).

The thing that got me most is that even after I combined the two batteries with the flashlight, it still didn't work. Chapter one wasn't as scary, but that's my opinion only.  Some of the inventory items wouldn't let me right click to drop the lantern; instead, the selection moved to the flashlight until I moved to a different room. After that, I was free to select any item again. In spite of my review, I still think it could be a decent horror game when its completed. 

It got me too, but I didn't fret over it, you just needed to install the "qwerty" version instead of the "azerty" one. That fixes the control set up.

May Bernie get burned again in this election! XD

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The demo wasn't bad. Granted it's still needing polishing. Controls were decent. Glad to see that a gun will eventually be used in the full version after I checked what the inventory could hold. I found a particular bug. When I found the dead worker in the trailer and the killer clown was chasing me, I was able to hop out of the circus area (even though every exit was blocked) and have the killer clown follow me outside. This allowed me to enter back in through the other side of the circus place. The clown couldn't follow me back inside because he was trapped in a couple small hills by the house. I exploited that on reentry and finished the demo. The title screen was pretty good for a demo version. Going back to the killer clown. He could a a more scarier approach once the dead body was discovered (lights flickering, an echoing evil laugh, or scary circus music begin to play). Just some ideas. 

I did have trouble getting the game to start. It just kept trying to have me extract the data after I did that already (unless that's the itch app) so I had to find the file and open as administrator on my pc. Lastly, it might be a better idea to try to delve into the backstory of the grandather's life by playing the scenes from his diary leading up to empty house.

Overall, it's off to a nice start. Can't wait to see how it all turns out when it's done!

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Ooh Dead Space vibes here in drop down! I have yet to play it but maybe I'll have time tonight!

Update: This is a pretty hard game, but it keeps you going! I almost won the game (I think)  but I died in the engine room.

In my first go I went solo...I know I know, I sound like a really crazy dude going solo when the game states its hard. In all honesty, now that I know how to win the game, it's not scary anymore. (That's me being me). FACT: My first solo experience...roughly 45 minutes with interruptions where I had to step away to take care of a few things. Now that that is out of the way, here is how I conquered my monsters.

As a solo player, I lured each monster into a room and explored the map afterwards. (Hey, it works with bullies to...just invite them to dumpster dive by throwing their most precious things inside). wait nevermind. *bad advice*

Anyways, the game was really neat! the atmosphere was great, (a little repetitious), but I had a feeling there would be a boss wandering around when I heard the loud screeching only to find out it was a creepy crawling...alien? I loved the feeling of playing F.E.A.R. but with furries. I wish there was more to the game as well as different maps to play on. Weapons gave it nice touch. If I ever creep around an area where there are monsters or paranormal stuff, I will most definitely take weapons with me. My life story spoken dramatically in this game. 

I do plan another solo at night... >:D only so that I won't need coffee to keep me up. JK. I loved the game. I will try to speed through it in hopes I don't have that many folders to find.

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This demo was really awesome! I got Dead Space vibes justs from the the station itself. I think that might be a nice addition to the full version if you added some creatures like that. The atmosphere was incredible! I wasn't expecting the ending of the demo like that. At first I thought it was taking me to the menu but noticed that the day number was missing. All of a sudden it started me back in the room only to find out that I would freeze upon leaving. It's definitely a game I can see going big. Can't wait to see what the storyline is going to look like when its complete. 

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I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant all because I am very picky as to which games I will play, but this game turned out really neat! And it was in spanish! I'm still learning, but this was a plus for me. The artwork and voice acting is turning out great so far. I don't see the relation between that monster and what is going on in the story yet, but since it's a demo, that's no big deal. Some of the monster sounds weren't completely synced with the left and right panning yet dictating the direction of the sound. Moving around was pretty cool along with the interaction with using objects. The video recording reminded me a bit like TimeShift. I can't wait to see the updates as they come! Keep it up

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My heart is hating me so much that it slapped me the first time when that uber penguin monster ran at me. Now look, I cheated by watching someone else play to see if I would like it enough to play it through. Long story short, and after running through the maze like a half breathing half-wanting-to-stinking-live-explorer and finding out that I was going to end up getting eaten by something I couldn't see, I would definitely play it again at night like I did this time. I seen that first interaction with the uber penguin monster. I jumped when that thing screamed as it tried coming for me. (I mentioned this in the next paragraph with a little more depth) Just watching the penguin cannibalism makes me want to not sleep; this is because the last time I binged played scary games at night, I literally dreamed like I was in a scary game while controlling my movement with a keyboard. (a little sidetracked there but I'm back). Just so you know, I loved playing this game, there was a quirk or two, but overall it was great!

The holding your breath when you are near the uber penguins was genius! I loved that you can hold your breath to get around those things. The maze was not too hard for average players to figure out nor too easy. The difficulty was set right in my opinion. At first glance I expected twists and turns that would have me wandering around like a moron only to find out it was simple yet challenging with my uber friends with me.  I will have to admit, when I was walking through the throng of penguins, it wasn't as scary anymore.  My reaction was more like "hey guys how's it going?" Maybe it would bring in the fear factor to have one of the penguins just force their face in front of you screaming, but if the player was still breathing, they'd be okay.

 The ending wasn't as scary either as much as it was expected. Falling almost to my death and surviving was a clear sign that I would most likely be killed in the next scene. The sound effects and atmosphere was incredible! This makes me want to go caving so bad! Even if there are uber penguins trying to kill me! lol

Overall, you guys did a fantastic job creating this game. I hope you make more in the future under the horror tag. Please forgive me for the  lengthy review; I just don't do video or audio recording. I do have one suggestion for the next horror game, please put in some weapons for us to use with little ammo to use for the purposes of trying to survive a horror styled game. I wish the best for all of you.

This game was really neat! I can say that I enjoyed the jumpscares (even though there could have been different types of jumpscares). My heart didn't jump out and slap me, but it did try breaking out of my chest. I loved how I had to search for the key just to leave each area, but it became a bit redundant after a while. Maybe add in an escape through a sewer system (some medieval kingdoms had some type of sewer systems like the romans)...anyways. It would also be neat to add in minions of the witch chasing me as I try to put the artifact in its place.

Overall, very good work on the artistic set up. Atmosphere was great, scare level is enough to make kids quit early in game (sorry, but if I were a kid again, I would have turned it off with the first jumpscare and probably slept with my parents) lol. Keep it up and hopefully we get to see more!

Not bad in my opinion. A bit spooky, but not so scary that it would make my heart jump out of my chest and slap me for what I just did. I don't know if anyone encountered the same issues as I did, but the SCP 6781.exe file wouldn't allow me to get past the menu so I tried the Project mine.exe instead. I have Windows 10 so I don't know what happened there. I reached the end of the mine and fell outside the map into infinity I suppose, but I'm sure that it probably wasn't supposed to happen in the actual file I was supposed to open should it have been available. There is potential for this to expand a bit more. Definitely room for more details here; one suggestion is add twists and turns to the path that makes the gamer feel like they are going in circles, jumpscare and then back onto a normal pathway out of the loop. IDK 

Lots of different things that you can do to improve on this, but it's still pretty good.

This was very interesting to play! Kind of creepy (I'm almost to the point where nothing scares me), but everything was balanced in my opinion. I actually solved some of the puzzles by chance without really looking or searching (I usually like to look around), but the creepiness level was definitely an impressive touch! I was entrapped by the sense that the next time I go through the house, something WILL happen. I wasn't expecting the hellish part though. 

Okay, enough rambling. I love it, it was one of my first to play in Great job in the development.